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Calling all Warcraft mount collectors! Beginning February 14th at 10am PST through March 14 10am PST you can participate in a cross-franchise challenge by completing 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with a friend as any hero from the Warcraft universe and you will be handsomely rewarded with a Primal Flamesaber in WoW and Flames of Judgement Charger in Heroes. Here are some tips and tricks to make it through the event as quickly, and hopefully painlessly, as possible. Complete the tutorial: If you’ve never logged into Heroes of the Storm before, go ahead and complete the initial tutorial in order to learn how to move around in the game and using/selecting talents. Find a friend: if you’re finding it difficult to track down buddies complete the challenge with, /join FORAZEROTH from the in-game chat in Heroes. There will be plenty of folks looking for others to team up with. Get started:


Earlier today it was announced that Tom Chilton is stepping away as WoW’s Game Director and moving “just down the hall” to another Blizzard project. Former Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas (Watcher) is set to take his place as WoW’s new Game Director. You can read Tom Chilton’s official statement down below! Greetings fellow WoW players, It’s been a little over a month since we launched Legion, and it’s been awesome to see players enjoying so many different aspects of the expansion—leveling up their characters and Artifacts, diving into World Quests, taking on the Emerald Nightmare. Legion PvP Season 1 is going strong, and some of the best Arena teams from around the world are competing for a chance to battle on the big stage at BlizzCon. Soon we’ll be releasing our first new content update for the expansion—Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan—which opens up the Mythic 5-player Karazhan dungeon, continues


In a blog post this morning on the World of Warcraft site, Blizzard has officially announced the rewards available to those who attend a screening of the upcoming WARCRAFT film in select theaters. All players who log into the World of Warcraft beginning May 25th through August 1st will receive a set of “movie-inspired transmogrification items”. For Alliance characters this constitutes a sword and shield, while Horde characters will receive a staff and axe. Along with the in-game items available for all players, certain theaters are offering an additional promotion: a free digital copy of World of Warcraft. This copy of the game will include all expansions up to Warlords of Draenor. Check out the full post below to see which chains are offering the free game:

Set to be unleashed next week, William King (best known for his extensive work in Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40k universe) kicks off a great story with Illidan, which really digs into the demon hunter’s mind all the way from his imprisonment to his career in Outland. But before we get in too deep: Critical Data WHAT’S IN THE BOOK The advance copy I received was 318 pages of fairly non-stop self-destructive glory for all of the viewpoint characters. Begins with the moments just before we met Illidan for the first time in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. This is a decidedly darker and more graphic story than I expect out of Warcraft, though it’s not TOO graphic and it does suit the material. WHAT’S NOT IN THE BOOK Deviations from canon dialogue. King goes through a lot of the scenes where we’ve seen Illidan in-game (from WC3 all the way to the

A long-gestating effort among some SC2 modders is what produced Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth, a very sophisticated remake of the systems and units of Warcraft III using Starcraft II‘s map editor. A melee map for the game is already available on the Arcade if you want to check it out, but there’s certainly more to it than that. The mod team wants to go further, to the extent of re-creating all of the campaigns from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne expansion while adding races to the multiplayer maps. It’s a pretty ambitious project, which is why they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance it. Granted, the amounts they’re asking for seem a bit steep, but knowing the kind of code trickery and weirdness they have to do to get the Galaxy Editor to play like the WC3 editor from back in the day, I feel like

Folks in the community, as well as director Duncan Jones himself, have been reporting that Legendary has updated their VR mobile app with a new feature called “The Skies of Azeroth.” This is Google cardboard. VR on a budget. Works surprisingly well! Want to fly over Stormwind? 😉 pic.twitter.com/syIlfMFZQ9 — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) July 9, 2015 Downloading the somewhat sizable app will give you the experience of flying on the back of a gryphon as she does a pass over the city of Stormwind as it will appear in the upcoming Warcraft film. The experience is purportedly better if you’ve actually got a Google Cardboard viewer, but even just holding your phone up and turning around in order to take in the view is still a pretty amazing feat, especially if this is your first dance with a VR app. I don’t want to set expectations too high here, but in

Are you stuck with a DPS that thinks they’re a tank and is constantly initiating pulls, or a healer or tank that thinks that doing damage is their first priority? If you’ve played Warcraft for any longer than a week, of course you have! Our next few installments of Dungeon Professionals will be focusing on each of the three major roles in dungeons and what’s expected of them. Healers Much like how fights would last forever without competent DPS, healers are also necessary to keep the dungeon moving at a steady pace. Even if the DPS and the Tank can mitigate and put out enough damage to survive an encounter, without a healer they’ll be waiting for quite awhile between in each pull. Additionally, while bosses can be killed without the other 2 rolls if necessary as long as skill and gear are up to par, there is very little chance

This was covered in the most recent hotfix blog, but we felt that this change deserved some special attention: Blizzard is making some adjustments to both Alchemy and Jewelcrafting to alter the amount of herbs needed for many recipes. These adjustments will increase the herb requirements for Alchemists and consequently decrease them for Jewelcrafters. Which, in short, will bring back more synergy between Alchemy and Herbalism, as well as reducing the amount of non-herb materials needed, like fish and meat. Makes sense right? This is an interesting step back, given how much interplay between the professions was introduced with the garrisons in Warlords of Draenor: namely, with everyone having access to a mine and an herb garden by 100, it made sense to spread the usefulness of herbs and ore around to other professions, outside of those that typically employed them. Hence Alchemy requiring ore for the daily cooldown and various gems needing

Blizzard is in the process of removing the level restriction required to make a Death Knight (which is level 55). After this fix is live, players will no longer need a level 55 character on their account in order to make a Death Knight. It’s not surprising to see this change in the wake of the level 90 boost that you get from buying WoD. Now new or returning players can boost a Death Knight up if they don’t already have a level 55 character (but lets be honest here..there are not very many people who play WoW that don’t already have a level 55 character at this point). You can check out the official post down below. With availability of the level 90 character boost, we feel the requirement to have a character level 55 or higher to unlock the Death Knight as a playable class is no longer

You looking for something special? Got that new boosted 90 that you want to stand out? Perhaps you want to disappear from sight? Never mind that shoddy looking oil lamp. What you need is a true treasure. Not sure where to start? Come with me, and I will show you some great items that will make your adventures that much grander. Join me as I scour the lands of Azeroth and beyond for those special items… Sorry, but BLU3 has been too busy exploring old raids to notice the Marauder of the Azerothian seas, Pollywix, sneak back in. To be truthful even if he had been watching for me he wouldn’t have caught me. He may have caught a fright though. Want to know how? If you promise to sign a non-compete order I will waive the customary 150g information fee…in half. Make sure you pay the 15g entrance fee at the door. It is always best to start off with what you know,

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