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Duncan Jones was at the Legendary Panel and some details and a teaser for the upcoming Warcraft movie was shown. The teaser consisted of a 30 second short. The landscape was described as looking like possibly Durotar or Hellfire. An unshaven figure in armor was drinking water from a leather pouch. There is green lightning in the sky. The man draws his long sword, takes a shield from an armored skeleton and starts banging his sword against it. It then cuts to a giant green arm of an orc which then pans out some and we see it raise an axe against the human. As the weapons collide it cuts to the title “Warcraft”. Legendary pictures tweeted this image of Duncan Jones with the Nerdist Chris Hardwick. Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) on stage w Chris Hardwick (@nerdist). #WarCraft #sdcc #Legendary pic.twitter.com/jde2b7JZoW — Legendary (@Legendary) July 20, 2013 Some information from a


When it comes to creating a satisfying cinematic experience for the audience, casting is a huge part of the equation. Sure, films in the high fantasy genre often hinge on producing an over the top, larger than life experience with special effects, large scale war scenes and an epic score, but casting remains important. The internet learned last week that the Warcraft movie, aptly titled WarCraft, is once more heading in the right direction, and that shooting could begin in Q1 of 2014. While great news for gamers, the announcement came with scant details. In 2007, it was announced that the film would take place just before, or during the World of Warcraft game. There has been no definitive update on the title in that department since that announcement, so we have to believe the plan remains the same. In the interest of fun, BlizzPro sat down and looked at

In a recent interview with producer Charles Roven over on SlashFilm we got some new information on the Warcraft movie conveniently titled “WarCraft” (please note this movie is not called “World of Warcraft”). Earlier this year it was announced that Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) would be directing the movie after Sam Raimi was removed/left the project to what at the time seemed like it’s death. However, things have been in full swing and we’ve seen several updates from Duncan Jones on twitter regarding the movie and also several updates from Blizzard’s own cinematic VP Nick Carpenter who appears to have an important role in the movie as well. Charles Roven was quoted as saying “First quarter of 2014 we’re going to shoot the movie… we’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with Duncan.” Now this news a little bit off from