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As production begins winding up on Duncan Jones’ Warcraft film, a late addition joins the party: actor Dominic Cooper, most familiar for playing Howard Stark in Captain America and for recently reprising the role in the Agent Carter short on the Iron Man 3 blu-ray. When asked about the film, Cooper even revealed a little about the story: There’s a very human story at the heart of it because there’s a few of us that are humans in it that are up against tribes and problematic issues that exist in the world that we exist in… It’s happening all over the world at the moment and you see it happening all over. People have savaged their own lands and their own environment and they’re having to find a new environment in which to move into through the hostility of others.” To interpret this more specifically within the lens of the Warcraft franchise and speculate a

A tweet from the official World of Warcraft Twitter account has revealed two more names on the roster for the Warcraft movie’s cast: Daniel Wu and Clancy Brown. WARCRAFT by @Legendary from @UniversalPics coming March 11, 2016 cast to also include @danielwuyanzu and Clancy Brown. — World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) December 19, 2013 Clancy Brown is already known to sci-fi and fantasy fans as the bloodthirsty Kurgan from the first Highlander film, but has also provided his services to the gaming world many times before with a long list of voiceover credits, including Hades from Sony’s God of War III. Though Daniel Wu may not be an overly familiar name for Western audiences, he is one of the leading actors in the world of Chinese cinema and an award-winning director of films such as The Heavenly Kings.  He has also starred in several English-language films, including 2013’s Europa. No information on what roles Wu and


Warcraft Movie Cast Announced

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The cat has been let out of the bag for fans of World Of Warcraft! Legendary Pictures and Universal studios have officially announced the cast of the upcoming motion picture Warcraft, which is being directed by Duncan Jones who is responsible for Moon and Source Code. Universal Studios & Legendary Pictures have released the deals with Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky, and still closing the deal with Dominic Cooper to star in Warcraft. The characters that any of the actors will be playing is still yet to be known, as little to no details have been officially released on the story line of the film. Foster is known for his notable worthy roles, including Alpha Dog, Six Feet Under, 3:10 to Yuma, The Messenger, and X-Men: The Last Stand. While Fimmel can be found in his best known role in the History’s Channel series Vikings.

Legendary Pictures announced today that they are moving back the Warcraft movie release date from Dec. 18, 2015 to March 11, 2016. No comment was really given about the move to the new date, but the fact that the old date fell at the same time Star Wars Episode 7 was releasing is apparent they did not want to compete for that same weekend. As much as I love Warcraft and want to see the Warcraft movie, even I would have been conflicted to which one I would watch first (honestly, Star Wars would win out). This move was orchestrated by Universal Pictures which recently partnered with Legendary back in July of this year. It does not appear the change of release date will change the time frame when filming is supposed to begin a few short months from now. UPDATE: The official press release can be found here. Of


Colin Farrell Gives a Definite “Maybe?”

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Colin Farrell sat down recently with IGN to discuss a wide spectrum of things.  With all of the recent talk of him being offered a role in the upcoming Warcraft movie, there’s NO chance it couldn’t have gotten brought up.  Judging by his political wishy washy answers, the speculation of whether or not he was truly offered a part in the film has been smashed.  He’s been in talks with Duncan Jones and was exceptionally impressed with the script.  Despite his lack of Warcraft knowledge, he gave the feeling in his responses that even though he had never played the game, the movie was instantly compelling.  Farrell described Jones as being “visually gifted” and is especially ecstatic about the prospect of putting the look and feel of Warcraft…on the big screen. The one thing that was not divulged was which role was offered to Farrell.  Would he make a Anduin

Looking over the recently released Blizzcon schedule many have been noting one little panel taking place on the main stage Saturday the 9th at 1:00 PM. It seems Blizzard will be holding a Warcraft Movie Presentation for attendees and virtual ticket owners.  I expect we’ll get to see the Warcraft conceptual trailer shown at SDCC over the summer, but I’m sure we’ll get some new details on how the movie is coming along.  Could we get a cast list?  Budget numbers?  Plot? Timeline? Will Cozy Fire get a cameo? There are a lot of questions to be answered, lets hope for a Q&A afterwards.

Duncan Jones recently took over as director of the Warcraft movie. Last week we talked about some of the possible casting choices that were being rumored and filming was set to begin in early 2014 with a possible release in 2015. Now we have an official date the movie will be out according to the Warcraft Twitter account: We’re pleased to announce that @Legendary Pictures’ WARCRAFT will be released by @UniversalPics on December 18, 2015. — World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) October 1, 2013 So there you have it – December 18,2015. The Warcraft movie will be a live action movie (not CGI only like some fans were wanting it to be) and some rumors have been saying that the plot will revolve around the 1st or 2nd war, more focused on the old RTS games that pre-date World of Warcraft. It looks like Legendary Pictures has decided to revolve the


WarCraft Movie Short List

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The Warcraft movie – slated to be out in 2015, directed by Duncan Jones with filming to start Jan. 2014 has started to put together an actor short list according to Deadline. The first two on the list are actress Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, 2 Guns) and actor Colin Farrell (Phone Booth, Total Recall, Alexander). Colin Farrell is said to be 50/50 on striking a deal. Most people seem to believe he might play a role as Varian Wrynn, however, I would like to remind people that it’s been rumored this movie will take place around the same time frame as the Warcraft RTS series first started. That would mean characters like Khadgar, Medivh, and Lothar. People have also tried tying Paula Patton to Jaina Proudmoore but that just seems absurd. Other actors on the short list include Paul Dano (Looper, Cowboys & Aliens), Travis Fimmel (Vikings


Warcraft Movie Update!

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.@Legendary has setup offices at CMPP Studios for @Warcraft with filming scheduled to begin January 13th #CONFLAGRATION — Production Weekly (@prodweek) August 28, 2013 This tweet was sent out early this morning by Production Weekly. The Warcraft movie is speculated to occur during the First War, based off of twitter reports of people that viewed the feeler clip that launched during the Legendary panel at San Diego Comic Con. The snippet in particular was a human (either prot pally or warrior) preparing to battle an orc in the Hellfire Peninsula. Filming to occur in Canadian Motion Picture Park in Vancouver, British Columbia. Duncan Jones is the director of the Warcraft movie.

So it doesn’t sound like we’re going to see that Warcraft Movie Teaser anytime soon, Duncan Jones has said it’s beyond his control and it sounds like it’s in Legendary Pictures hands on whether it gets revealed or not (I don’t think even Blizzard knew about the teaser just based on some reactions I have seen from employees on Twitter who also wish they could see it). However, I have the next best thing. Someone from the floor who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this video earlier today and told us we could use it. It’s not much, but it’s right after the teaser was shown when Duncan Jones came in to talk about how excited he is to do this movie. Sound quality isn’t the greatest and I’m not entirely sure if the person who filmed this was even supposed to. Either way, here it is. If anyone