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Warcraft Movie Out in UK May 30th

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The Warcraft movie will debut on May 30th in the UK, according to a post on the franchise’s official Facebook page. This is a bit before the US release date, June 10. For more on the upcoming movie, see the official website and our continuing coverage.


Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft (out in June) tweeted some pictures of the Stormwind set last night. It looks like a fairly faithful reproduction of what we assume is the city’s main square, although there is an inn (The Woadside Inn) where the Auction House was pre-Cataclysm. And this one… pic.twitter.com/YYmB4FhATh — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 23, 2016 Also on show are shops, including a herbalist and a butcher, and a message board with posters advertising the Darkmoon Faire, Stranglethorn Fishing Contest Extravagaza and Brewfest! Look closely and you’ll also see flyers offering rewards for kobold kills and a Wanted: Hogger advertisement. The guard (we assume, because he looks to be wearing armour underneath that tunic) doesn’t appear very healthy, though. Could this be after a battle with the invading orcs? These might be easier to see… pic.twitter.com/zjamyZqxzh — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 23, 2016 The first TV advert for the

The full length Warcraft movie was released today during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2015, following on the heels of the shorter teaser released several days ago. You can view the full trailer on the Universal website here. Stay tuned for more!

The Warcraft movie trailer will hit the internet November 6–in just four days–according to an update to the movie’s website and Twitter. You can now find a countdown timer until the trailer’s release in the bottom, left-hand corner of the home page: And on the catching-up side of the news, MMO-C posted scans of Empire Magazine‘s movie article, which also included a few shots. Wowhead managed to get full-page scans of the complete article–if you’d like to see them, we encourage you to head over to their website. For more Warcraft movie developments, be sure to check out the Warcraft movie keyword feed here on BlizzPro!


Christie Golden, writer and long-time Blizzard partner, confirmed that she would be writing a prequel to the Warcraft movie at San Diego ComicCon this year. Now, just two months later, the book has made its appearance on Amazon – but only as a pre-order. Currently known as Warcraft: The Official Prequel Novel, which isn’t quite as snappy a title as Lord of the Clans, the paperback will be released on the 3rd of May next year, for $7.99. We also have an official blurb, which disappointingly leaves out any mention of the Alliance: An original tale of survival, conflict and magic that leads directly into the events of the eagerly-anticipated blockbuster movie. In the realm of Azeroth, the strong and fiercely independent Frostwolf Clan are faced with increasingly harsh winters and thinning herds. When Gul’dan, a mysterious outsider, arrives in Frostfire Ridge offering word of new hunting lands, Durotan, the Clan’s chieftain,

The Warcraft Movie was at the San Diego Comic Con in a big way this weekend as Legendary Pictures along with Duncan Jones made a big splash on the convention floor. We got some new movie posters showing off some of the characters, we got a VR flying simulation over Stormwind, we got a new Warcraft Movie Website, and we got to see some of the props from Weta that went into the film. However, instead of being happy with what we did get, fans that weren’t able to attend the convention or the panel are upset because the “promised” trailer wasn’t shown to the public. A lot of this stems from the words that Entertainment Weekly used that there would be a huge public reveal for the Warcraft movie and that led a lot of us, myself included, to infer this meant we would see a trailer to the public.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Warcraft Movie will have a big public unveiling Saturday July 11th at San Diego Comic Con. This is the trailer we’ve all been waiting for. I realize it doesn’t say on Entertainment Weekly anything about a trailer, but when they are less than a year from release and call it a “big public unveiling” it’s the ONLY thing it will be. The trailer will debut at the Legendary Pictures panel in Hall H at 2:30 PM that will be hosted by Chris Hardwick. This will be the first public trailer of the Warcraft movie that is set to release June 10, 2016.

So we recently posted a little rumor that the Warcraft movie teaser trailer would be shown before Jurassic World. It wasn’t confirmed yet and it appears that the rumor is false. Duncan Jones debunked it on Twitter today .@owlonwow no sir. No trailer yet. But Jurassic World is a lot of fun, all the same! — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) June 11, 2015 So if you were looking forward to some orc action followed by some dinosaur action, it looks like you’ll be sorely disappointed this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get that trailer soon though (perhaps San Diego Comic Con).

Legendary Pictures has a big blockbuster movie coming out on June 12 with Jurrasic World. What better way to advertise your blockbuster movie for 2016 than to show it’s trailer at the beginning? That’s right, it looks like in a couple short weeks the Warcraft trailer will finally be revealed to the world. According to the website projectionlist the Warcraft teaser trailer will be shown before the movie Jurassic World in theaters. Now this isn’t a full movie trailer, this is a teaser trailer. It could be something similar to the 30 second clip we got with the new Star Wars movie a couple months back. I think it’s likely to be the teaser trailer that we got to see at BlizzCon 2014, but finished. Chances are the trailer will probably also be on the internet that same day without having to go to the movie theaters to see it. But

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