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Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes

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Completely unexpected, the Warlords alpha has started in earnest and patch notes have been released. Also, this is not just your standard list of patch notes; many of the past blogs the talk about healing changes, crowd control changes, and the stat squish have been included, as well as details that explain why certain class abilities are getting tweaked. Clearly, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as alpha means the design is ever-shifting and stuff could change at any time. Stay tuned to BlizzPro for all the changes as they happen. Introduction Welcome to an early look at patch notes for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor. The new expansion introduces a wealth of new content and changes. There’s also a new patch note format, which we hope will help better convey the reasoning for many of the changes being made


5.4.7 Official Patch Notes

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Blizzard has released the official patch notes for Mist of Pandaria’s 5.4.7 patch which is releasing after tomorrows maintenance. This patch has quite a few notable changes including a buff to Alterac Valley, talent changes, nerfs to the Garrosh Hellscream fight, and some UI tweaks. Releasing along with this patch is PvP Season 15, Pandaria’s last PvP season. World of Warcraft Patch 5.4.7 Updated February 13 Classes Druid Talents Heart of the Wild now provides the following benefits from PvP Power when activated. Restoration Druids now receive 50% of their PvP Power applied towards damage while the ability is active (down from 100%). Feral and Balance Druids now receive 100% of their PvP Power applied towards healing while the ability is active (down from 120%). Rogue Talents Nerve Strike now causes a successful Kidney Shot or Cheap Shot to also reduce the damage dealt by player targets by 25% (down

It’s Tuesday September 10th and do you know where your Raid is? MoP Patch 5.4 has gone live today and unlocked the final raid tier for this expansion.  Horde and Alliance players alike will be able to take part in the newest raid, the Siege of Orgrimmar.  Years after fans started called for his head Blizzard is finally delivering, we get to take down Garrosh. In this patch we also get: The Timeless Isle – Explore the Timeless Isle and complete the final quest chain for Wrathion to obtain our legendary cloaks. Connect Realms – Blizzard is ‘merging’ lower population realms to help bolster their numbers. Flex Raids – A new tier of difficulty set between normal modes and LFR.  This raid also scales in difficulty and will support raids of size 10-man, 25-man and everything in between. Proving Grounds – Solo instances that let you challenge yourself in your

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