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Patch 7.1 Notes

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On Tuesday October 25th the first major patch of Legion will be released, entitled “Return to Karazhan. One of the major items of interest for this patch is a new 5-player Mythic Dungeon version of the Karazhan raid instance (don’t worry mount farmers, the original version will still remain available). Also included is a new raid: Trial of Valor. This three-boss raid instance will wrap up the storyline from Stormheim with players engaging in combat with Odyn, Guarm, and Helya. The raid is expected to unlock two weeks after the release of the patch (so November 8th) with the Normal and Heroic difficulties unlocking the first week followed by the Mythic and Raid Finder difficulties the next week. Additional quests in Suramar will also become available over the course of nine weeks and will lead into the upcoming Nighthold raid. These quests will also allow players to obtain the Arcanist’s Manasaber


After a preemptive posting of the patch notes earlier today, Blizzard has re-posted the first official set of notes for the upcoming Legion Pre-Expansion Patch PTR testing phase. As expected this patch includes many of the anticipated changes for Legion including the new Transmog system, additional graphics options, improved all-around graphics, changes to the PvP system, and itemization changes. One thing this patch does not include is the new Demon Hunter class which was promised to pre-purchasers “prior to the release of Legion” but did not specify a specific time-frame. It’s possible they will be added in a later build or even a secondary pre-release patch prior to the full Legion launch. Blizzard marks their changes in red or strikethroughs. For our purposes changes in red from Blizzard are changed to italics, and reverted changes are still marked with strikethroughs. That being said, lets dig into some patch notes! As always

World of Warcraft patch 6.2.3 lands this Tuesday, November 17, and with it ends Warlords PvP season 2, ushering in a new and final chapter of the current PvP system. Blizzard posted an overview of everything to come in the patch, as well as a finalized version of the patch notes. Additionally, the following Wednesday after the update will feature the first Cataclysm Timewalking event. Patch Overview Patch Notes

World of Warcraft 6.2.3 will be testable by players on the public testing realm (PTR) “in the near future,” according to a recent post by Rygarius on the official blog. Among other features, the patch will include Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeons, Cross-Realm Mythic raiding, and the return of Valor and item upgrades. The updated notes reflect the Valor cost for item upgrades, crafted item upgrades, and sweeping class buffs. You can see today’s patch note changes bolded below. For easier reading, see the official post.

Patch 6.2.2 is being released to Live realms in the North American region today and the EU region tomorrow, and with a new patch comes patch notes. Addressing things right up front, WE CAN FLY!!! Mercenary Mode has been added for PvP Battlegrounds, which allow members of one faction to temporarily join the opposing faction in order to help queue times. You can still earn achievement progress while acting as a mercenary with the exception of faction-specific achievements. Additional rewards have been added for Timewalking events to encourage additional participation, and certain items that could previously drop from dungeons (such as the Blue Proto-Drake) can now drop in Timewalking instances. Bonus events also now begin earlier in the week to allow players more time to complete them. Along with the changes above there’s the usual litany of item changes, bug fixes, and tuning passes done. Feel free to check out the


Patch 6.2.2 Release Date September 1st

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Flying will finally be available in Draenor with the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement on September 1st as Patch 6.2.2 will be released. Other features will include the PVP Mercenary Mode and new rewards for Timewalking Dungeons. To see all the upcoming changes that will be happening in a couple weeks check out the patch notes.


With the realms currently down for maintenance and the addition of patch 6.2, here is the full list of changes included in this weeks patch. Good luck and enjoy Hellfire Citadel along with the rest of the Fury of Hellfire patch!

Rygarius has just updated the 6.2 Patch Notes for content currently in testing on the PTR. As always, BOLD indicates a an update or addition, ITALIC indicates a removal. strikethroughs are left over from Blizzard’s format and are the same as italicized text. Remember, these modifications are subject to change up to the time they are deployed to the live realms. General Changes Salvage Yard Gray items obtained from salvage recovered from Follower missions may now sometimes drop a stackable gray item instead of a range of various gray items taking up lots of inventory space. The average gold value should remain roughly the same. Raids and Dungeons Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry Changes A raid-wide debuff has been added to reduce damage dealt by all creatures and NPCs in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty. The achievements, Ahead of the Curve: Imperator’s Fall, Cutting Edge: Imperator’s Fall, Ahead of

Rygarius has updated the 6.2 Patch Note blog with the most recent set of updates available for testing on the PTR. As always, items marked in BOLD are updates or changes, ITALIC items are removed items, and strikethrough items are remnants from Blizzard’s notes and are the same as italicized items. A few items of note: Bonus rolls can be used in dungeons set to Mythic difficulty. The Personal Loot improvements noted in the blog post here are being implemented. Highmaul and Blackrock are receiving their traditional nerfs, which should allow raid teams to get a leg up into the next tier of content. Along with the nerfs come the removal of the Ahead of the Curve achievements for these raids. As should always be remembered with patch notes and items on the PTR: These are a work in progress and are always subject to change based on the outcome of testing.

Blizzard has posted a new round of updates to the Patch Notes for Patch 6.2, currently in testing on the PTR. The updates include additional information about Bonus Events and a change to the currency used to purchase certain pieces of Apexis gear from vendors in Stormshield and Warspear. As always, BOLD indicates an addition or change, italics indicate a removal. Strikethroughs are carryovers from Blizzard and are the same as italics. That’s all there is for tonight. As always you can check these changes out on the PTR which is available to any player with an active account, or you can wait for the release of patch 6.2, due to arrive sometime within the coming months. Please note none of the changes listed above are final and are subject to change up until the patch is released to live realms.

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