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A controversial Order Hall research bonus, due to be added to the game in patch 7.2, has been changed. Originally, this bonus enabled relics to roll a random second trait. However, players on the PTR argued that this added another layer of randomness to the loot system, and was too much of a power spike for alts to compete with against mains. Instead, players will be able to unlock the ability to double the AP gains from World Quests. The second trait bonus is likely to make a comeback later in Legion, however. CM Lore posted Blizzard’s reasoning on the matter on both the US and EU forums:


Legion Panel at PAX West

by Samantha Cruse on

Curator Josh Allen aka Community Manager Lore Panelists Cory Stockton, worked on world quest design Luis Barriga,worked on class hall campaigns Eric Maloof, worked on Demon Hunter intro, order halls, Aszuna Legion Early reviews are positive, concurrency is the highest it has been in several years. Story recap: Gul’dan escaped to Azeroth through the dark portal and brings the burning legion to our doorstep, Illidan has returned. Tensions between horde and alliance are high. Demon Hunters Demon Hunter class was highly anticipated so expectations were high. Our last hero class was Death Knight, which came with a custom starting zone, unique appearances, special voice overs. Demon Hunters have lots of aesthetic customization, custom voice lines, new emotes, special animations. Demon Hunters have two specializations: Havoc DPS and Vengeance Tank. Havoc takes from Illidan, Warcraft III, and Heroes of the Storm. It has high mobility, the  play style is built around metamorphosis. Vengeance