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In our final World of Warcraft: Legion BlizzCon recap, we look at Lead Game Designer Mat Goss's presentation on the new Transmogrification system, including the Wardrobe, Outfits, new Transmog slots, and new ways to collect, share, and save your appearances.

Looks like it is time to prepare for the toybox to relocate. A relic hunter goes where he can find the most exotic finds. With the rediscovery of the broken isles, it looks to be the new hot spot. We won’t be going it alone. Me and many of my druid brethren will also be making the move. I have been studying up on the druids and what all amazing resources we will have available to us. I will gladly share this info to make your move that much smoother.


BlizzCon 2015: Professions in Legion

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In our continuing detailed recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon, we look at Senior Game Designer I Paul Kubit's presentation on Professions. We cover profession world quests and characters, UI improvements, crafting ranks, the new Obliterum Forge, and much more.


BlizzCon 2015: Class Changes Recap

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In our continuing detailed recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon, we look at lead class designer Kris Zierhut's presentation on upcoming class changes. He discussed various resource system changes, their goals for hundreds of new talents, and big changes for Discipline and Shadow Priests, Survival Hunters, Demonology Warlocks, and more.

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BlizzCon 2015: Demon Hunter Recap

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In our continuing detailed recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon, we take a look at the Demon Hunter during the game systems panel. Senior game designer Jon LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) presented on Demon Hunter specs, mobility, and more. At its heart, the Demon Hunter is about a “dark hero,” one that gave up its soul to fight the Burning Legion, a threat that most on Azeroth don’t actually even know exists or believe in, given the millennia since the last true Azeroth invasion. The class wears leather and focuses mostly on melee with high mobility. They tend to use the weapons of the enemy against them, including their weapons of choice, Warglaives, which can be thrown at the enemy, as well as Fel magic. When creating a Demon Hunter, players can customize horns, tattoos, and custom skin textures in addition to all of the pre-existing character creation options. New voice


BlizzCon 2015: Legion Class Halls

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In our continuing recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon 2015, we look at lead quest designer Craig Amai’s presentation on Class Halls. Also known as Order Halls, Class Halls provide a space for all members of one class of both factions to meet together, to plot out your adventures in the Broken Isles, to upgrade and customize your Artifacts, and much more.

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BlizzCon 2015: Artifact System

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In our continuing recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon 2015, we look at lead quest designer Craig Amai's presentation on Artifacts during the game systems panel. The presentation described acquiring and upgrading the Affliction Warlock Artifact, as well as Artifact Relics, upgrades, and Artifact Power.


BlizzCon 2015: Legion Q&A Recap

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In our continuing detailed recap of all things Legion at BlizzCon 2015, we look at the open Q&A panel with game director Tom Chilton; lead game designers Ion Hazzikostas, Jay Wilson, Luis Barriga, and Matt Gross; art direction Chris Robinson; and creative director Alex Afrasiabi. Some of the biggest things that stood out to me were the Karazhan dungeon, what many are referring to as “omni-speccing” (no more multi-spec limitations), the PvP gear explanations, Demon Hunter cross-faction chat, and Robinson’s update on Class Accessories. Below, we’ve organized their responses by topic and bolded key ideas. Lore & Story Alleria and Turalyon will “change the way we view WoW up the game a bit” Bolvar Fordragon will make a cameo in Legion on the Frozen Throne, and they are talking about using him more after the expansion Sargeras’ Tomb is only a monument right now and does not contain a

Holinka had a short Legion interview with the BlizzCon hosts on the virtual pass. This quick recap covers some reiteration on PvP changes, scaling zones and questing, and other coming changes and features. PvP Players are very invested in PvE gear from dungeons, questing, and raids and often don’t like starting over from scratch–this is a major deterrent to jumping into PvP In PvP, people want to be on equal ground, like when you jump into a match in Overwatch Gear should make you feel a little stronger, but you shouldn’t be able to one-shot people who are just getting into PvP Gear plays minimally into PvP power Asian regions often organize big and interesting PvP world events Reactions to Ashran and PvP in general have informed team design and decisions in Legion PvP gives a sense of progression with Prestige and 15 honor levels to work through You can

There was a short recap of Legion‘s goals with creative director Alex Afrasiabi on the virtual pass–here’s a quick recap. Not much new information, but some really neat shots of Helheim, Halls of Valor, the Legion, and much more are included. Legion‘s roots are in the Night Elf civilization that collapsed 10,000 years ago, as well as Gul’dan’s return to pave the way for the Burning Legion by using the Tomb of Sargeras After the Sundering, much of the Broken Isles sank beneath the ocean–what we play is largely what remains Legion won’t start in a single zone–players can pick any order to complete the continent except Suramar, which is a max-level zone and the culmination of launch content Afrasiabi’s two favorite zones are Val’sharah and Stormheim Val’sharah is a classic take on the heart of Druidism represented throughout the zone, as well as the iconic castle fantasy seen with

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