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Tokens for Battle.net Balance

by pallimmanis on

Not playing World of Warcraft any more but have several million gold stockpiled in the bank somewhere? Got some toons you need to transfer but no cash to do so? Blizzard has finally provided a solution! Teased at BlizzCon 2016 during the Warcraft Q&A session, after the addition of the WoW Token which allows players to exchange cash for in-game gold or in-game gold for game time, dataminers found additional strings added to the PTR which alluded to redeeming tokens purchased in-game for funds added to a player’s Battle.net balance. The developers explained that it was meant to be useful for all services but they wanted to ensure a smooth launch with just the subscription portion and the rest added later. As of today “later” has arrived. Players are now able to redeem in-game gold for WoW tokens which can then be redeemed for either 30 days of Warcraft game