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Game Designer Chad “Celestalon” Nervig discussed the state of the Legion alpha today, as well as revealed a little something for low level PvPers. While the Artifact traits–and many other things at this point–still require “much work…and revise,” the team feels comfortable presenting the current Talent options as a working first draft of what players can expect. He also revealed the “Honorable Medallion” (working title), which is an ability all low level characters learn upon entering a PvP instance for the first time. The ability, accessed via the General spell book, gives a CC-break on a 3-minute cooldown for PvP combat. (It is later modified in the first row of the level 110 PvP Talent table.) Read on below.


Legion PvP Preview Posted

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A preview of the new PvP system in Legion was posted today, outlining how the new honor-based PvP level-up works, how gear affects PvP gameplay, what rewards players can expect, and what two new arenas players can look forward to. Below, we’ve outlined the major points of the preview. You can read the full post below or on the official blog. Notes Honor Points and Leveling Honor and Conquest Points will no longer exist as currencies Honor Points will now work as “experience points” to unlock the new PvP talent trees, as well as level up through prestige ranks Honor leveling goes to level 50 (which you can then reset for prestige) PvP Talents PvP Talents are only active when in a PvP instance or PvP combat They work in addition to your other talents and Artifact abilities Gear in PvP Gear won’t influence PvP “much” In PvP instances, each spec will be

Kaivax took to the Legion alpha forum today to announce that the long-standing Human racial Every Man for Himself will undergo changes in the next alpha build. The racial, which currently removes all movement impairing effects, has been under scrutiny for some time, specifically with regards to PvP and how it may affect race (and faction) choice. Some changes in recent memory, including the buffs to other racial abilities and, if memory serves correctly, tweaks to EMFH in late Warlords, seem to indicate that Blizzard at one point may have seen validity in this–at least as far as balance goes. However, the upcoming Legion alpha changes to the ability are a response to “changes to PvP gear and the introduction of PvP talents.” The change is intended to make the ability function similarly to Will of the Forsaken, as described below. Regardless of intent, the changes are only for testing purposes for

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6.2.3 Hotfixes – November 30

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Today’s World of Warcraft 6.2.3 hotfixes focus mostly on shipyard updates, most notably the increase in rare naval missions, reduced chance of player ship destruction, and increases in success rates. On the PvP side, Warmongering Gladiator’s Medallion of Adaptation will be correctly sold by the Alliance conquest quartermaster and Warmongering Gladiator’s Medallion of Cruelty will be correctly sold by the Horde conquest quartermaster.


PvP Season Ending “Soon”

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World of Warcraft‘s latest PvP season–which began on June 30–will be ending as soon as “a few weeks from now,” according to a recent post on the official blog. This season will use the “Warmongering” sets added in a while ago, which scale from 705 to 735 in PvP combat. It will be the third PvP season for Warlords. And, if this is truly the last PvP season for Warlords, then this may be the last season that gear plays such a significant part in PvP combat with the upcoming system changes with Legion, including a separate PvP talent system and vanity rewards system.

Ashran will see two major changes to its reward structure in coming hotfixes that will reduce dependency on the large-group battlefield for PvP gearing. The changes include the removal of the 200 conquest points specifically from Ashran to reach weekly conquest caps, as well as the migration of conquest gear previously only won through Ashran to conquest vendors, according to a recent post by Lore.


Arena Skirmishes Bonus Weekend

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Fans of the PvP variety rejoice (or at least be mildly excited) for your Bonus Weekend event has come! Starting today and going until the end of the day Monday, players earn bonus honor points (triple the usual amount) to players who participate in Arena Skirmishes. Along with bonus honor points, players can also complete a quest which awards 500 Conquest Points after winning several Skirmishes.


With the realms currently down for maintenance and the addition of patch 6.2, here is the full list of changes included in this weeks patch. Good luck and enjoy Hellfire Citadel along with the rest of the Fury of Hellfire patch!

Alright PvPers of Azeroth, we’ve heard plenty of upcoming changes in patch 6.2 for the PvE crowd and now it’s your turn. Blizzard posted a preview today about upcoming changes to Ashran in the next patch including new quests which reward Conquest points, a new area within the zone, and new randomly triggered events within this area. While the changes to the zone may not solve all (or any) of the perceived problems with the zone, that Blizzard is still iterating on the design means that they are still invested in making the zone work rather than just abandoning it.


Patch 6.2 – April 17th Update

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Rygarius updated the patch notes for 6.2 today with additional information about Timewalking, Profession Crafted items (get ready for more upgrades!) and a few additions to Ashran. Bold text are additions or changes, italic text is items that were removed. As always, remember anything currently on the PTR is subject to change and we’re a long way off from the patch release so don’t get too crazy about nerfs/buffs/too much content/not enough content. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a certain celestial dragon and his team about the Holy Shock mana increase.