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Patch 7.1.5 is Now Live

by Samantha Cruse on

Patch 7.1.5 brings a massive amount of changes and new/updated content. Highlights include: Opening of The Nighthold raid January 17th Balancing of legendary equipment, new legendaries, and increased item level for newly acquired legendaries (existing ones can have their ilvl increased) Numerous class balancing changes and talent reworks Secondary stats have been reworked to be more valuable to all specs Professions updates PVP updates: Artifact traits 35+ are now active (update: in non-instanced PvP) Prestige cap raised to rank 9 MoP dungeons being added to the timewalking rotation Brawler’s Guild returns and has been reworked for new and amusing challenges Micro Holidays introduced Artifact Knowledge catch-up to rank 20


Legion PvP Season 1 Ends Dec 13th

by pallimmanis on

Blizzard has announced that Legion PvP Season 1 will occur on Tuesday, December 13th at 6am PST, and Season 2 will begin two hours later at 8am PST. This is an odd turn of events since in previous seasons there has typically been at least one week between the end of one season and the start of the next. At the same time, this bodes well for the next patch to be released to live realms since the end of the PvP season typically coincides with the release of the next patch.

In addition to new arenas and redone favorites, the new honor system, and more, 7.2 continues to add to Legion‘s PvP content. Today, Blizzard announced new Brawls, week-long events which shake up the rules of random Battlegrounds. Brawls allow Blizzard to test out new PvP instance rules, match, and game types Examples: Two fifteen-man raid groups fighting in arenas for chaotic, clearly-not-balanced madness Eye of the Storm: Gravity Lapse, causing gravity to behave strangely–like throwing everyone into the sky Return of the Southshore vs. Tarren Mill Battleground Winter Arathi Basin, with reduced visibility, updated art and effects, and frozen creeks Eye of the Horn: Eye of the Storm puts everyone on ram mounts that shoot players off into the Twisting Nether Insta-cap Warsong Gulch There are many other brawl ideas in queue, and the system is expandable in the future for more replayable, timeless content. Brawls that prove popular may be added as permanent Battleground

As previously announced, World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1.5 will feature a visually updated version of Blade’s Edge Arena. The new version of the arena will retain the same collision mapping, and is meant to bring the PvP instance into 2016’s modern style. The updated arena will also feature an overlooking Ogre, who will “shoutcast” developments during the instance. If it proves an enjoyable addition, they may add similar features to arenas going forward.


Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes

by pallimmanis on

The North American realms have gone down for Tuesday maintenance and the release of patch 7.0.3, the Legion Pre-Expansion patch. Included in this patch are all of the new system changes. These changes include the new Transmog system, graphical and UI updates, class changes, stat changes, the removal of the first part of the Legendary ring quest, and a 30% nerf to Hellfire Citadel. Not included in today’s patch are Demon Hunters, demon invasions, the Broken Shores scenario, or any Legion content. These items will begin unlocking over the next several weeks leading into the launch of Legion. The realms are anticipated to come online at 11am PDT (2pm EDT, 6pm UTC) assuming there are no issues. With that said, here is the full list of changes happening today:


PvP Season Ends July 19

by Magistrate on

Warlords of Draenor‘s third PvP season ends July 19, according to an update on the official blog earlier today, another indicator of the quickly-approaching release of patch 7.0. This will officially end the last PvP season where players accumulate Honor Points and Conquest Points as currencies.


After a preemptive posting of the patch notes earlier today, Blizzard has re-posted the first official set of notes for the upcoming Legion Pre-Expansion Patch PTR testing phase. As expected this patch includes many of the anticipated changes for Legion including the new Transmog system, additional graphics options, improved all-around graphics, changes to the PvP system, and itemization changes. One thing this patch does not include is the new Demon Hunter class which was promised to pre-purchasers “prior to the release of Legion” but did not specify a specific time-frame. It’s possible they will be added in a later build or even a secondary pre-release patch prior to the full Legion launch. Blizzard marks their changes in red or strikethroughs. For our purposes changes in red from Blizzard are changed to italics, and reverted changes are still marked with strikethroughs. That being said, lets dig into some patch notes! As always


Patch 7.0 on the PTR

by pallimmanis on

A new build is being deployed to the Legion Beta test servers today and it also appears that the Warlords of Draenor Public Test Realms will be updated shortly with information for patch 7.0, the pre-release patch for Legion. The patch notes for 7.0 were also briefly posted with information as to what will be included in this portion of the testing then taken down as it appears they were incomplete or inaccurate. However, we can make some assumptions as to what will be included in this patch. Class Changes: The expansion pre-patch generally includes any changes to classes (spell additions, changes, removals). With Legion all classes will be receiving rather significant changes which are detailed in a series of blogs detailed here: Legion Class Preview Changes. Itemization Changes  Character stats are also updated with this patch. In Legion items worn on the neck, rings, and cloaks will no longer provide

Most Conquest Point sources will be increased by 50% in yet-to-be-applied hotfixes, Blizzard says. The increase will affect Random and Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas/Skirmishes, and Rated Arenas. As latecomers and current PvPers grind their gear faster than ever in Warlord‘s final PvP season, the sweeping increases might give a little taste of what’s to come in Legion PvP. Remember, in Legion, iLevel will have very little impact on player power, around 5%. Read today’s hotfixes below. Refer to the official post for the complete hotfix list for 6.2.x.

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