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Legion Introductory Experience

by pallimmanis on

For those of you who have been participating in the testing of Legion (or for those following along to get an early look), Blizzard revealed that in an upcoming build they will be testing an option which allows players to bypass the Legion introductory experience which takes place on the Broken Shores. The current plan is that once you have completed the Broken Shores questline on one character subsequent characters will be able to speak to an NPC and request to go straight to Dalaran to begin your Artifact quest. If you wish to go back in the future and complete the quest chain on a different character who skipped it you will be able to do so. I followed up with Muffinus to clarify what level of account-wide this would qualify as since there have been some items in the past which were supposed to unlock “account-wide” but only

World of Warcraft is based around three roles, Healing, Tanking and Damage dealing (AKA DPS). Most PVE encounters require these roles to be filled to a certain degrees to be successfully completed and designers take this into account when designing them. Each role requires a different skill set and while some principles can apply to many roles going from one to the other can be a hard task for some. For the longest time ever I have only played one character, a Human Rogue. At some point in Mists of Pandaria however, I decided to try new classes out and level them to cap. I began with the easy classes to level and went for a DK and a Monk. Both of these classes can fill multiple roles plus the shorter queue times for tanks and Healers made it appealing to me. I chose to go Blood for my DK

If you love the look of some of the old LFR gear, such as LFR re-colors of Dragon Soul loot, you are in luck. There are plans for players to be able to go back for loot that is either inaccessible now or will be inaccessible once Warlords of Draenor drops according to WatcherDev. Because Dragon Soul was the first ever LFR released by Blizzard, it seemed that the tier artwork to differentiate between LFR, Regular and Heroic tier pieces was quite dramatic.  As a result, there are some very unique colorings in LFR Dragon Soul that have not been attainable since Cataclysm. WatcherDev tweeted a pic that seems to hint at Storyteller NPCs that players can talk to in order to access old Scenarios, Heroic Scenarios and Raid.  The three NPCs, Lorewalker Fu <Scenario Storyteller>, Lorewalker Shin <Heroic Scenario Storyteller> and Lorewalker Han <Raid Storyteller>, are all brand new

Veterans of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne should recall with little trouble the myriad of trials and tribulations the Blood Elves squared up against. The ancient race would endure the loss of their beloved Sunwell, suffer exile from the Alliance and even face the multitude of hardships waiting for them in Outland in a doomed effort to find a cure for their crippling addiction to raw magical energies. Unfortunately, it did not get much better for them in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Despite two promising low level zones, the beleaguered race would be forced to suffer a middling presence in Azeroth and Kalimdor, leading up to a fight against their own Prince, Kael’thas Sunstrider. The worst would come later though. Blizzard did little with the race, effectively joining them to the Horde and moving on.  Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm saw the Blood Elves do little.

World of Warcraft’s 5.3 patch is primed to bring a lot of new content with it. 33% less experience to level from 85 to 90! Balance changes across the board! New scenarios, quests and even a new battleground! While informative, patch notes can be somewhat tedious to wade through. Fortunately, BlizzPro’s here to break it down. Today, we’ll be talking new scenarios, battlegrounds, arenas and quest campaigns. Scenarios 5.3 will bring with it four new scenarios, Blood in the Snow, Dark Heart of Pandaria, Secrets of Ragefire and Battle on the High Seas. These scenarios will focus on the continued plights of the Horde and Alliance in their dealings with infighting, menacing new powers, and of course, the continued war between the two factions, this time on the waters. These four new scenarios, along with two pre-existing ones (Crypt of the Forgotten Kings and A Brewing Storm) will feature heroic