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After a preemptive posting of the patch notes earlier today, Blizzard has re-posted the first official set of notes for the upcoming Legion Pre-Expansion Patch PTR testing phase. As expected this patch includes many of the anticipated changes for Legion including the new Transmog system, additional graphics options, improved all-around graphics, changes to the PvP system, and itemization changes. One thing this patch does not include is the new Demon Hunter class which was promised to pre-purchasers “prior to the release of Legion” but did not specify a specific time-frame. It’s possible they will be added in a later build or even a secondary pre-release patch prior to the full Legion launch. Blizzard marks their changes in red or strikethroughs. For our purposes changes in red from Blizzard are changed to italics, and reverted changes are still marked with strikethroughs. That being said, lets dig into some patch notes! As always

Two of World of Warcraft: Legion‘s ten launch dungeons will be Mythic-only, according to a recent post on the forums. Arcway and Court of Stars were originally to unlock after an attunement in their zone, Suramar, which required dailies, questing, and farming Ancient Mana. This was intended to give both dungeons story build-up and provide additional excitement for doing world content. However, in testing, the grind didn’t play out well for players. In a current build of the beta, Arcway and Court of Stars will be Mythic-only (as well as Mythic+) and feature some additional loot drops. Much like everything else, this is in testing and is subject to further change.


Patch 7.0 on the PTR

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A new build is being deployed to the Legion Beta test servers today and it also appears that the Warlords of Draenor Public Test Realms will be updated shortly with information for patch 7.0, the pre-release patch for Legion. The patch notes for 7.0 were also briefly posted with information as to what will be included in this portion of the testing then taken down as it appears they were incomplete or inaccurate. However, we can make some assumptions as to what will be included in this patch. Class Changes: The expansion pre-patch generally includes any changes to classes (spell additions, changes, removals). With Legion all classes will be receiving rather significant changes which are detailed in a series of blogs detailed here: Legion Class Preview Changes. Itemization Changes  Character stats are also updated with this patch. In Legion items worn on the neck, rings, and cloaks will no longer provide


Legion Introductory Experience

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For those of you who have been participating in the testing of Legion (or for those following along to get an early look), Blizzard revealed that in an upcoming build they will be testing an option which allows players to bypass the Legion introductory experience which takes place on the Broken Shores. The current plan is that once you have completed the Broken Shores questline on one character subsequent characters will be able to speak to an NPC and request to go straight to Dalaran to begin your Artifact quest. If you wish to go back in the future and complete the quest chain on a different character who skipped it you will be able to do so. I followed up with Muffinus to clarify what level of account-wide this would qualify as since there have been some items in the past which were supposed to unlock “account-wide” but only

This weekend in Warcraft Weekly: the Legion dungeon race was rescheduled, Blizzard and community talks Sylvanas redesign for Legion, healing design and helmet positioning for Legion, and some 6.2.3 hotfixes.


Legion Dungeon Race Live Tuesday

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The Warcraft Twitch channel is hosting a Legion dungeon race between top World of Warcraft personalities from around the world. The race will include Maw of Souls, an instance not yet on the alpha, as well as heroic Halls of Valor. It takes place February 9 at 3:00 PM PST. More details below and on the official site. You can find the Warcraft Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/Warcraft.


Exploring Azeroth: The Invasion Begins!

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Exploring Azeroth wanders delves into the hidden places of the world. From Deepholm to Highmountain, these articles are your guide off the beaten path. Dimensional ships belonging to the Burning Legion have begun to appear in the skies of Azeroth, on the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha. Currently they aren’t doing much more than hovering there and looking menacing. The ships have only been spotted in one location – Deadwind Pass, directly above Karazhan – but I expect more to be added over time. My tactic of ‘Fly to areas with a strong Legion presence and hope to run into something interesting’ was ultimately fruitless. Anyone who has played through or seen pictures from the Demon Hunter starting experience will be familiar with the ships’ appearance – they are identical to The Fel Hammer, the end of the starting zone. The only difference is that they are horizontal, rather than vertical. The ships


Exploring Azeroth : Leorajh

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Exploring Azeroth wanders delves absentmindedly purposefully into the hidden places of the world. From the sunlit glades of Elwynn to the peaks of Highmountain, these articles are your guide to events that are off the beaten path. Location: Spires of Arak Reward: Leorajh Welcome to the first Exploring Azeroth of the new year – and the last, until the Legion alpha/beta comes back up. We’ve reached a point where, although there is more to write about, most of the really interesting stuff has been covered! Therefore, this column is going on hiatus for a few weeks. Anyway – Leorajh! The sabreons, introduced in Warlords (and commonly thought to be the precursor to the flayers of Burning Crusade), are a fan favourite, and Leorajh is the only follower of the race that players can pick up. Not only that, he also has the Bodyguard trait, and can accompany you on your travels through Draenor.


Exploring Azeroth: Whitewater Typhoon

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Exploring Azeroth wanders delves absentmindedly purposefully into the hidden places of the world. From the sunlit glades of Elwynn to the peaks of Highmountain, these articles are your guide to events that are off the beaten path. Location: Weeping Bluffs, Stormheim Rewards: Whitewater Torrent (toy) Welcome to the first (technically second, if we include the Terky episode) Exploring Azeroth – the new face of Exploring Draenor, as we move into Legion. As with all of our Legion coverage, we’ll do our best to avoid spoilers, but some might slip past us. If you want to go in to Legion absolutely fresh, it may be best to stop reading here. Still with us? Great. After the Alliance’s explosive entry into Stormheim, you will land at the Weeping Bluffs; a particularly scenic area of rock pools and water falls, filtering down from Highmountain above – much like how Mount Hyjal drains into Felwood.

Today’s hotfixes reflect changes to Guild Challenges–guilds will no longer be awarded weekly gold for completing previous expansion dungeons, with a gold award increase of around 50% to compensate. For the complete 6.2.3 hotfix list, see the official blog post.