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Challenge Mode Season Ending Clarified

by Crow on

As previously reported, the nine Challenge Mode dungeons released with Mists of Pandaria will be shutting down at the end of the “challenge season,” widely speculated to be the pre-Warlords of Draenor “6.0” patch. Today, the Community Team offered some additional clarity on what the end of the season will look like in terms of rewards. All CM achievements will turn into Feats of Strength. Rewards like the “Undaunted” title and the Pandaren Phoenix mounts will become account-wide. More specifically, instead of only getting one mount on one character for a full rack of Silver Medal wins, all four mounts will be available to all characters on the account. (Mount collectors, start your engines.) Folks who earn Gold will be able to repurchase pieces of their class-specific transmog armor sets after earning them, and if you’ve earned the teleport to an instance, you’ll get to keep it. (Flashy armor collectors and…

With February’s announcement that Challenge Modes are going the way of the dodo, interest in them has picked up. Groups are forming all over the place on my server (Wildhammer-EU) – I’ve even managed to run some alts through – and you only have to dip into Openraid‘s chat to see the same thing going on there. With this resurgence in interest, it’s a good time to look back at CMs and ask what made them successful, and what could be done to improve them. CMs were a new type of dungeon introduced in Mists. A timed run through the new 5-mans with level-appropriate (or at least, downscaled) gear, they are a way to give raiders a challenge on off nights, as well as offering challenging content to 5-man players. What these instances did, they did very well. For starters, you can’t use the LFG tool to find a group;

Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas hit the forums to clarify some colorfully mistranslated comments he made at the recent press event in Korea. Or, in his words: To at least get everyone on the same page in terms of information, since a summary of a translated version of a translation of a few sentences in a single interview may not be the best foundation for a 24-page discussion, here’s an overview of our current thinking: We will have Normal and Heroic versions of our max-level dungeons. (Note that we did not have Normal level 90 dungeons in Mists.) There will be no special requirement other than basic level/ilvl requirements on queuing for Normal dungeons or LFR. Level-up quest gear will get you into Normal dungeons/scenarios, and Normal dungeon/scenario gear will get you into LFR. Heroic dungeons will be more challenging than the Normal version (not brutally difficult, mind you — just

Well, here’s some unexpected news. Blizzard has just announced that rewards for Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode dungeons will become unavailable after the pre-WoD systems patch (colloquially called “6.0”). Full details below. Countless adventurers continue to brave the most trying versions of Mists of Pandaria dungeons, but the clock is ticking. This “season” of Challenge Modes will be coming to an end with the upcoming release of a patch prior to the expansion’s release. Challenge Modes are designed to offer as close to a “normalized” difficulty as possible, and they’re tuned to be tough to master. With Warlords of Draenor’s class changes, itemization changes (e.g. the removal of Hit and Expertise), and—of course—increased level cap on the horizon, the difficulty of Mists of Pandaria’s dungeons will no longer be tuned the same as they were. In the spirit of fair play, when the aforementioned patch is released a little while


Mythic Dungeons?

by Kastro on

An interesting suggestion has been floating around the EU forums today about Mythic Dungeons. This difficulty level would be above heroics and would queue similar to heroic scenarios, requiring you to form a team before entering the queue. Unlike Challenge Modes these dungeons would not be timed but would increase in difficulty, like Lemmiwink suggests it would be tuned around Cataclysm level for bosses and The Burning Crusade level for trash and give a progression path into raiding. This would give Blizzard a great opportunity to open a new level of group progression. Challenge Modes today have almost zero replay value once completed but Mythic Dungeons will be able to keep their incentive to returning. Mythic level could provide useful rewards like raiding level gear, gems, pots, and even heirlooms. Blizzard can keep the vanity and mount items in Challenge Modes. This topic did draw the attention of one CM:

It looks increasingly like World of Warcraft will see some widespread dungeon scaling mechanics in the near future. Back in August developers mentioned that the technology was pretty much complete, they just needed a reward system, and more recently a bug accessing the tech was stumbled upon by this YouTube user. As an option, it’s not a bad thing to have. There will be people out there who don’t want to roll an alt just to play with their low-level friends, and with scaling they can just jump straight into a dungeon with their friends and still have the same experience. But what about for the rest of the player base? What are some possible reward structures that would be appealing to them? The obvious: Valor, achievements and vanity rewards I’m not ashamed to admit farming valor is probably my least favorite activity in WoW, and if it wasn’t for

Along with with class balance changes, new scenarios and a multitude of other features, World of Warcraft’s Escalation patch is bringing with it some updates to dungeons, raids and loot. While a lot of the changes are aimed towards getting people gear, there are some thoughtful updates which should improve the quality of life for a large percentage of players, Mists of Pandaria and beyond. The more relevant changes include the ability to roll on off-spec loot, an upgrade to Bonus Rolls and a decreased level requirement to enter select dungeons. OFF-SPEC LOOT Hybrid classes, rejoice! Tomorrow’s patch brings with it the option to roll on off-spec loot. This means that Paladins, Druids, Warriors, Priests, Shamans, Monks and Death Knights will have the ability to enter LFRs and do their thing while trying to obtain gear for their other specializations. Yes, the other classes can technically get in on this

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