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Patch 7.1.5 is Now Live

by Samantha Cruse on

Patch 7.1.5 brings a massive amount of changes and new/updated content. Highlights include: Opening of The Nighthold raid January 17th Balancing of legendary equipment, new legendaries, and increased item level for newly acquired legendaries (existing ones can have their ilvl increased) Numerous class balancing changes and talent reworks Secondary stats have been reworked to be more valuable to all specs Professions updates PVP updates: Artifact traits 35+ are now active (update: in non-instanced PvP) Prestige cap raised to rank 9 MoP dungeons being added to the timewalking rotation Brawler’s Guild returns and has been reworked for new and amusing challenges Micro Holidays introduced Artifact Knowledge catch-up to rank 20

Continuing with the Legion 7.2 recap, we look at the new Tomb of Sargeras raid, the Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, and various Legion dungeon updates. Tomb of Sargeras The Tomb of Sargeras is a new 9-boss raid within the Legion-corrupted Elven edifice on the Broken Shore. Gul’dan originally unlocked the ancient wards that prevented the Legion from invading through this powerful tomb. Players must return and use the five Pillars of Creation* to shut the Legion out, buying mortals time in a much greater war across the cosmos. *The fifth pillar is the Eye of Aman’thul, which comes from the Nighthold raid last known to release around January 2017. The raid descends into four main sections, including (names tentative) a “dark cathedral” entrance, “flooded caverns” going into the Naga-filled depths, an “Elven wing” spared the brunt of Legion corruption, and the deepest chamber, where Aegywynn once defeated the Avatar of


The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race

by pallimmanis on

Blizzard and Tespa have announced a new electronic competition for World of Warcraft players currently in college: The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race. Beginning November 7th players will compete in a grueling six-week challenge to earn a share of $20,000 in scholarship money. The caveat this time around is that players won’t be directly competing against other players. They’ll be racing the clock against some of the most difficult dungeon content Blizzard has to offer through the use of the new Mythic-plus keystone system for Legion dungeons. To put all players on an even footing, participants in the race will compete on specific event realms where they will choose their preferred classes from premade templates with fixed item sets and artifact levels. As the event progresses the dungeon difficulty will increase until only one team remains standing and is named the champion. For more information about the event including how to participate

Two of World of Warcraft: Legion‘s ten launch dungeons will be Mythic-only, according to a recent post on the forums. Arcway and Court of Stars were originally to unlock after an attunement in their zone, Suramar, which required dailies, questing, and farming Ancient Mana. This was intended to give both dungeons story build-up and provide additional excitement for doing world content. However, in testing, the grind didn’t play out well for players. In a current build of the beta, Arcway and Court of Stars will be Mythic-only (as well as Mythic+) and feature some additional loot drops. Much like everything else, this is in testing and is subject to further change.

This weekend in Warcraft Weekly: the Legion dungeon race was rescheduled, Blizzard and community talks Sylvanas redesign for Legion, healing design and helmet positioning for Legion, and some 6.2.3 hotfixes.


Legion Dungeon Race Live Tuesday

by Magistrate on

The Warcraft Twitch channel is hosting a Legion dungeon race between top World of Warcraft personalities from around the world. The race will include Maw of Souls, an instance not yet on the alpha, as well as heroic Halls of Valor. It takes place February 9 at 3:00 PM PST. More details below and on the official site. You can find the Warcraft Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/Warcraft.

Today’s hotfixes reflect changes to Guild Challenges–guilds will no longer be awarded weekly gold for completing previous expansion dungeons, with a gold award increase of around 50% to compensate. For the complete 6.2.3 hotfix list, see the official blog post.

The Bonus Event for this weekend (July 31st through August 3rd) is now available on Live realms. This weekend’s event: Draenor Dungeons. This event awards bonus reputation for factions added in patch 6.0 as follows: Frostwolf Orcs (Horde)/Council of Exarchs (Alliance) Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Iron Docks Grimrail Depot Laughing Skull Orcs (H)/Sha’tari Defense (A) (Trading Post not required) Auchindoun The Everbloom Steamwheedle Preservation Society (Both) Bloodmaul Slag Mines Upper Blackrock Spire Arakkoa Outcasts (Both) Skyreach Each non-boss NPC awards 20 (24 with Trading Post) reputation points and each boss kill awards 400 (480 with Trading Post) points. The event-only quest ‘Emissary of War’ can also be accepted from the Adventurer’s Journal or in your garrison. This quest requires the completion of four Mythic level dungeons and awards an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest containing a Hellfire Citadel Heroic quality item. There are no dungeons that award reputation for any of the Tanaan


With the release of patch 6.2 and the addition of Timewalking instances, Blizzard is releasing a series of features to reintroduce the dungeons that will be available for these events. Today’s feature returns us to another Burning Crusade instance: the Mana-Tombs. The Mana-Tombs were once a part of the city of Auchindoun, where members of draenic society were placed upon death to hide the “unfortunate consequence of life”. As time passed a cult invaded the city and released an incredibly powerful arcane being who destroyed the ancient city. Check out the full description of the Mana-Tombs below and let us know if you’re looking forward to revisiting some of these instances in the comments.

In patch 6.2 Blizzard is implementing several new types of events. One of those new events are Timewalking dungeons, which scale players down to an appropriate level for the dungeon being cleared. (For more information about Timewalking you can find Kaivax’s original blog about the topic here.) One of the dungeons being included as a Timewalking dungeon will be the Black Morass. This dungeon was introduced during the Burning Crusade expansion pack and will be available to players who are level 71 or above at the time of the event. The Black Morass dungeon replays the events just prior to the opening of the Dark Portal by the mage Medivh, who has been possessed by the demon lord Sargeras. In this dungeon, the Infinite Dragonflight are attempting to stop Medivh from opening the portal connecting Azeroth to Draenor while players protect him from the dragons. The entrance to this dungeon is located within

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