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Patch 7.1.5 is Now Live

by Samantha Cruse on

Patch 7.1.5 brings a massive amount of changes and new/updated content. Highlights include: Opening of The Nighthold raid January 17th Balancing of legendary equipment, new legendaries, and increased item level for newly acquired legendaries (existing ones can have their ilvl increased) Numerous class balancing changes and talent reworks Secondary stats have been reworked to be more valuable to all specs Professions updates PVP updates: Artifact traits 35+ are now active (update: in non-instanced PvP) Prestige cap raised to rank 9 MoP dungeons being added to the timewalking rotation Brawler’s Guild returns and has been reworked for new and amusing challenges Micro Holidays introduced Artifact Knowledge catch-up to rank 20


Invade the Nighthold January 17th

by pallimmanis on

As Blizzard revealed during one of the developer Q&A sessions the next World of Warcraft: Legion raid, the Nighthold, will be released to NA realms on January 17th. Located in Suramar, the Nighthold is described as “the largest structure in the Broken Isles and among the grandest in all of Azeroth”. In spite of the raid being occupied by Gul’dan, Tichondrius, and other creatures of the Burning Legion the raid is heavily focused around elven architecture and magic since it was previously a palace. That does not diminish the malevolence of those that dwell within, however. As with previous raids the opening for various difficulties will be staggered across several weeks beginning on January 17th with Normal and Heroic difficulties. The next week (January 24th) Mythic difficulty and the first wing of LFR (Arcing Aqueducts) will open, followed by Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) on February 7th, Wing 3 (Nightspire) on

Continuing with the Legion 7.2 recap, we look at the new Tomb of Sargeras raid, the Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, and various Legion dungeon updates. Tomb of Sargeras The Tomb of Sargeras is a new 9-boss raid within the Legion-corrupted Elven edifice on the Broken Shore. Gul’dan originally unlocked the ancient wards that prevented the Legion from invading through this powerful tomb. Players must return and use the five Pillars of Creation* to shut the Legion out, buying mortals time in a much greater war across the cosmos. *The fifth pillar is the Eye of Aman’thul, which comes from the Nighthold raid last known to release around January 2017. The raid descends into four main sections, including (names tentative) a “dark cathedral” entrance, “flooded caverns” going into the Naga-filled depths, an “Elven wing” spared the brunt of Legion corruption, and the deepest chamber, where Aegywynn once defeated the Avatar of


The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race

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Blizzard and Tespa have announced a new electronic competition for World of Warcraft players currently in college: The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race. Beginning November 7th players will compete in a grueling six-week challenge to earn a share of $20,000 in scholarship money. The caveat this time around is that players won’t be directly competing against other players. They’ll be racing the clock against some of the most difficult dungeon content Blizzard has to offer through the use of the new Mythic-plus keystone system for Legion dungeons. To put all players on an even footing, participants in the race will compete on specific event realms where they will choose their preferred classes from premade templates with fixed item sets and artifact levels. As the event progresses the dungeon difficulty will increase until only one team remains standing and is named the champion. For more information about the event including how to participate

The items in question are Corrupted Essence for the quest Essence of Power and Deathglare Iris and Horn of the Nightmare Lord for the quest In Nightmares.


Farming Legion Invasions for XP

by Samantha Cruse on

The Legion is upon us and it’s time to rally the troops—in the form of alts! Farming invasions is the quickest way to catch up if you’ve recently returned to Azeroth, be it from Draenor or a more Earth-based hiatus. Invasions provide a great amount of XP, in addition to item level 700-720 gear (when opened at max level) from loot boxes—or purchased from the reluctant vendor with the invasion-specific currency, Nethershards. These boxes can be held onto until you hit 100 regardless of what level you were when obtained. Levels 1-60: The best, albeit tedious, method is cycling the first two phases of an invasion site. For Horde, the best spot is Azshara since you can quickly run into Orgrimmar and reset the phases. Alliance side, your best bet is Dun Morogh, where you can pop into the Inn and quickly log out. Phase three requires more mobility to get


Emerald Nightmare Opening

by pallimmanis on

Blizzard is currently at Gamescom and while they’re at the convention some of the World of Warcraft developers are taking the time to provide additional insight into Legion as the expansion draws nearer. One piece of information provided during an interview with Fatboss is that the development team is planning on having the first raid of the new expansion, the Emerald Nightmare, will open on September 20th, three weeks after the expansion launches. As with previous raid launches the Normal and Heroic difficulties will open the first week with Mythic available the next week. There hasn’t been an official announcement of these dates yet but we’re anticipating hearing them soon, along with dates for when various wings of the LFR version will be available. Ion did state that raiders will “most likely” have a lot of their set pieces by the time the first wing becomes available so it sounds

Demon Hunters, Legion's latest World of Warcraft player class, as well as the old world invasions of the Burning Legion are set to begin August 9, according to the recent developer Q&A.


Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes

by pallimmanis on

The North American realms have gone down for Tuesday maintenance and the release of patch 7.0.3, the Legion Pre-Expansion patch. Included in this patch are all of the new system changes. These changes include the new Transmog system, graphical and UI updates, class changes, stat changes, the removal of the first part of the Legendary ring quest, and a 30% nerf to Hellfire Citadel. Not included in today’s patch are Demon Hunters, demon invasions, the Broken Shores scenario, or any Legion content. These items will begin unlocking over the next several weeks leading into the launch of Legion. The realms are anticipated to come online at 11am PDT (2pm EDT, 6pm UTC) assuming there are no issues. With that said, here is the full list of changes happening today:

Legion game designer Ion "Watcher" Hazzicostas took to the forums recently to talk about several of the big itemization changes coming in Legion--including how questing and instance rewards roll for higher item levels, how Titanforged items work, and concerns with progression for PvE and PvP.

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