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WoW Patch Notes for 5.3

by JR Cook on

The day has arrived. It’s maintenance day and Patch 5.3 drops. That means lots of down time in the game today so why don’t you take a look at the patch notes below and if you want something more than that then maybe check out our previews and coverage of WoW Patch 5.3 over the last week or so? 5.3 Escalation patch notes are now available! 5.3 Escalation Round-Up: Get an in-depth look at the new content and changes taking place in this patch. Patch Notes Archive: Find notes from previous World of Warcraft patches Updated May 21 World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 General New Battleground: Deepwind Gorge In the new Battleground situated in the Valley of the Four Winds, the Alliance and Horde continue their war for Pandaria’s precious resources. While the two factions battle for control over mines, they must also protect their own resources from being stolen

Word’s come down from on high that the World of Warcraft 5.3 patch titled ‘Escalation’ will be released to the world on Tuesday, May 21st. The patch brings with it new scenarios, a new battleground, a new arena, balance changes, reduced costs on heirlooms, open rebellion against Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and much, much more. Be sure to check out BlizzPro’s 5.3 preview looking at the changes coming to scenarios, quest campaigns and PvP here. Also, check out the official Blizzard post here: Currently, we expect to release World of Warcraft Patch 5.3: Escalation next week on Tuesday, May 21! Now that the patch is on the horizon, we’ve narrowed down some of the key things you might want to know before the big day. If you want to find out more about everything that’s coming, you can check out the latestPublic Test Realm patch notes, or even download and play on the PTR itself. Be Prepared Hold on

The new World of Warcraft graphic novel titled “World of Warcraft: Dark Riders” has hit the store shelves this week. Writer Mike Costa and artist Neil Googe have teamed up to bring this story that possibly several people don’t fully know about as these characters are really only alluded to in the game. The book centers around the Dark Riders of the Deadwind Pass and revolves around the story of  the Scythe of Elune. The most interesting thing about this graphic novel is the fact that these heroes aren’t your major characters in the game, the fact that they’re really only mentioned a few times in quests in the game and nothing else should tell you that. These characters are heroes just like me and you play in World of Warcraft – and like us they seemed to have gotten themselves into quite the situation. If you’re interested in picking

Patch 5.2 got another hotfix today that I think will make several people very happy (I know I’m ecstatic). The biggest change this week is that the weekly quest to get 3 Mogu Runes of Fate has been reduced to needing 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune instead of the 90 it used to be. As someone like me who is exalted with all the Mists of Pandaria factions right now and not overly interested in doing pet battles it’s a little refreshing that I don’t have the chore of doing as many dailies each week. Also players who are fighting Oondasta or Nalak from another realm are eligible for loot once again on the kill. You can read the full hotfix patch notes here. April 22 Creatures Players coalesced from a different realm are now eligible to receive loot or use a bonus roll after defeating Oondasta or Nalak. Quests Mogu Runes

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