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For Azeroth Challenge Guide

by Samantha Cruse on

Calling all Warcraft mount collectors! Beginning February 14th at 10am PST through March 14 10am PST you can participate in a cross-franchise challenge by completing 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with a friend as any hero from the Warcraft universe and you will be handsomely rewarded with a Primal Flamesaber in WoW and Flames of Judgement Charger in Heroes. Here are some tips and tricks to make it through the event as quickly, and hopefully painlessly, as possible. Complete the tutorial: If you’ve never logged into Heroes of the Storm before, go ahead and complete the initial tutorial in order to learn how to move around in the game and using/selecting talents. Find a friend: if you’re finding it difficult to track down buddies complete the challenge with, /join FORAZEROTH from the in-game chat in Heroes. There will be plenty of folks looking for others to team up with. Get started:


Legion Marathon tips

by pallimmanis on

With the release of Legion taking place tonight we put together a list of some important items to remember during the marathon grind to level 110: Take breaks Everyone has their own objectives they want to accomplish, whether it’s the first person on their realm to hit 110, or the first one to max out their First Aid skill, find the first legendary, etc. While it’s exciting to be able to do this, remember to stand up and stretch (for more than just quick trips to the bathroom.) Focus on stretching your hands as a part of this. They’re going to take a beating during your session and you want to keep them in good shape. Stay hydrated Sure, you bought that 24 can flat of Monster/Rockstar/Red Bull. They’re useful for energy but your body still needs water to process and flush all the extra stuff that comes with those