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Look. I know I promised you a guide on how to quickly level lowbie pets, kiddo. Guess what? That ain’t gonna happen. There, there, don’t cry. Ghostcrawler promised me a pony, but you don’t see me crying about it. A thing of the past. Patch 6.1 is the real villain here. Why? Well, in 6.1 the experience gained from battling the Menagerie elite pets has been hit with the nerfbat. And not just any nerfbat. No, Blizzard went down to their deepest and darkest dungeon, the dungeon where ancient relics—either too powerful or too dangerous—are being kept hidden away from the world and forum trolls. Next to legendary weapons such as the Ashbringer and Frostmourne lies a small, inconspicuous, wooden crate. Underneath the dust and cobwebs, you’ll find but one commandment inscribed on the lid: “To the ground!”. I dare not describe the horrors that would be unleashed upon the

Warlords of Draenor has been out for a while now. Since the release you’ve probably cursed the trash in Molten Core, shed bitter tears over the Love Rocket‘s low drop rate, and developed an unhealthy need for checking in on your garrison far too many times per day. I’m not going to lie—at one point I considered the possibility of remotely connecting to my computer at home to send my followers out on missions when I was otherwise engaged. It was a brief moment of weakness, I’ve put it behind me, and let’s never speak of it again. Let’s get down to business instead, shall we? Patch 6.1 is drawing nearer and with it comes a string of new battle pets to collect; if you’ve not unlocked the Menagerie in your garrison yet, it’s about time you did. Below I’ll run through the basics of how it works. Once you’ve reached


Argi Raises Over $1.9 Million Dollars

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In early December Blizzard announced the release of a new battle pet available through the shop, Argi the Space Goat. Like previous special pets, Argi would be used to raise money for a specific charitable cause. The charity selected for this pet was the American Red Cross to support their efforts in Ebola relief. Earlier today Blizzard posted a blog announcing that through purchases of both individual Argi pets and the Grinning Reaver mount bundle which included Argi, they were able to donate more than $1.9 million dollars to Ebola relief efforts. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of World of Warcraft players around the world who purchased the Argi pet, we’ve raised a total of more than 1.9 million USD to support the ongoing Ebola relief efforts in Africa by the Red Cross. In December, we announced that for every Argi purchased by December 31, 2014, 100% of the adoption fee would be going to assist in aiding

Among other new mounts datamined from the upcoming World of Warcraft 6.1 update, a rather spiffy arcane-esque tiger mount made an appearance today on @Warcraft’s feed: Here, Kitty Kitty… pic.twitter.com/fwxttQVY15 — World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) January 28, 2015 Details are unknown, but it looks like a great match for arcane mages and magic users of all types. Stay tuned for developments.

A quick google search on Carrotus Maximus reveals many a true word to describe this prime specimen of a root crop, most of which are none too flattering. ‘Overpowerd’ seems to be the most common occurring one, closely followed by ‘annoying’. Not to worry though, BlizzPro to the rescue! With this handy guide, you’ll have the upper hand in no time. Defeating Carrotus Maximus is a requirement of Pets Versus Pests, which is a quest you get as you upgrade your garrison to level 3. Completing the quest will unlock the level 1 Menagerie. (You can find more on BlizzPro’s coverage of garrisons in Warlords of Draenor right here.) The two other pests – sorry, pets – to beat are Gorefu, and Gnawface. What makes Carrotus Maximus difficult to beat is his ability to cleanse all debuffs in combination with a self-heal and a damage reduction ability. In short, his


New Charity Pet Argi Announced

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The latest charity pet for World of Warcraft has been announced. Argi, a creature that looks like it joined the Draenei on their long voyage from Argus, will be available beginning on December 3. All of the proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross specifically targeting ebola relief efforts.

When Blizzard announced they were removing arcane reforging from the game, many people were wondering what would happen to Mystic Birdhat <Arcane Reforger> on the Grand Expedition Yak. After all, players paid 120,000 gold for a mount that had a reforger, otherwise, many players could have made due with the much cheaper vendor mount, the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth from Wrath instead. Well, good news everyone, Mystic Birdhat hasn’t been ditched for a new NPC (after all, many of us still giggle at his colorful dialogue, such as “Your yak is in another stable”).  Mystic Birdhat has simply changed with the times and learned a new skill – Transmogrification! He cannot currently be used for transmogrifying on the Alpha yet, however when you mouseover his title, you see it has been changed from “Arcane Reforger” to “Transmogrifier”. Blizzard had previously said they thought the arcane reforger on the mount would become a

The Warforged Nightmare mount is finally live on World of Warcraft. Available via the in-game store, the mount goes for $30 USD. It also comes with the Nightmarish Hitching Post, which the owner can set down on the ground. Once placed, other party or raid members can click it to ride the Warforged Nightmare for 20 minutes.

There is a plethora of new pets being introduced in Warlords of Draenor. Just yesterday we told you about the 10th anniversary reward Hogs – an homage to the most famous gnoll in Azeroth. Wowhead has dug up some pretty exciting new pets which showcase not only Blizzard’s vivid imagination, but their sense of humor too. Lil’Leftovers (“Cute enough to eat, but not recommended.”) is, for example, a reference to a hilarious comic made by Cadistra. The Royal Peacock (“A single peacock feather is often laid upon the grave of the fallen to ward off evil spirits.”) is a reward for the Draenor Pet Master Achievement. In addition to being a pet it seems it might stand model for a new polymorph spell coming in Warlords of Draenor as well, Polymorph: Peacock. Fingers crossed. Iron Starlette (“This massive weapon of destruction has been miniaturized for use in the garden. Moles beware!”) is

For World of Warcraft’s 5th anniversary players were rewarded with an Onyxian Whelpling, a pet based off one of the most iconic raid bosses in the game, Onyxia. It seems only fitting that for WoW’s 10th anniversary Blizzard presents us with a pet made in the image of the most notorious prisoner in the Stockades, Hogger. Feast your eyes on Hogs! “Tenacious and terrible, the mighty Hogs slaughters weaker enemies without hesitation”