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For Azeroth Challenge Guide

by Samantha Cruse on

Calling all Warcraft mount collectors! Beginning February 14th at 10am PST through March 14 10am PST you can participate in a cross-franchise challenge by completing 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with a friend as any hero from the Warcraft universe and you will be handsomely rewarded with a Primal Flamesaber in WoW and Flames of Judgement Charger in Heroes. Here are some tips and tricks to make it through the event as quickly, and hopefully painlessly, as possible. Complete the tutorial: If you’ve never logged into Heroes of the Storm before, go ahead and complete the initial tutorial in order to learn how to move around in the game and using/selecting talents. Find a friend: if you’re finding it difficult to track down buddies complete the challenge with, /join FORAZEROTH from the in-game chat in Heroes. There will be plenty of folks looking for others to team up with. Get started:

Battle pets will start seeing changes in the next Legion alpha build, beginning with sweeping nerfs to the undead racial, several AoE abilities, Graves, and other abilities.

All Warlords of Draenor  Digital Deluxe goodies are up for grabs for a limited time. If you didn’t previously purchase them, you can now get the Dread Raven mount, Dread Hatchling battle pet, and Starcraft II, Diablo III, and Hearthstone digital collectibles. The limited-time bundle is available for $20 USD until the (as of yet unspecified) launch of the Legion pre-patch. You can find the bundle on the Battle.net Shop.

Brightpaw, the newest addition to the Battle.net Shop, is this year’s charitable World of Warcraft pet. Adoption of the Mana Kitty benefits Make-A-Wish and children worldwide from now through December. You can find Brightpaw on the Battle.net Shop.


Mastering the Menagerie

by pallimmanis on

When it comes to exotic type mammals… Has he gotta zoo- I’m tellin’ you! It’s a world class menagerie! – The Genie (Aladdin) You might be wondering why I’m quoting a child’s movie, but trust me. There is a point here. Kaivax revealed a new upcoming blog series dealing with certain aspects of the game which players may be having difficulty with for whatever reason. The first blog in this series deals with a part of the garrison which has gone unused for many people thus far: the Pet Menagerie. In patch 6.1 Blizzard acknowledged that tying certain Garrison Achievements to a building which many people wouldn’t use because of its association with a rather niche part of the game that doesn’t interest them was probably a bad idea. They added a garrison quest which becomes available at level 100 and awards a special Pet Battle-stone which instantly levels a pet of


Two Pets, One Carry

by Alexandra Meurling on

“Two pets, one carry” is a common phrase in the world of pet battles. It means to carry a low level pet to victory against an opponent that is much stronger, which will reward your lowbie pet with a good chunk of experience points. It’s the most efficient way of leveling battle pets, especially if you battle NPC Pet Tamers (the pet challenges in the Garrison Menagerie used to be an excellent way of leveling low level pets, but as of patch 6.1 that is unfortunately no longer the case). The key to being successful is to rotate in the low level pet during a round when there’s little to no chance of it being killed and then you rotate it out again. Although leveling pets is the most common reason for using the “two pets, one carry”-strategy, the second most common reason is of course that there are achievements

Winter is ending, which means the Snowy Owl will stop spawning in Winterspring. This particular pet is only available during the winter months, between December 21 and March 21, so if you haven’t tamed it yet, you better hurry! The Snowy Owl has an unique appearance. There are several good reasons to tame this pet, but the most important one is that it’s a requirement for completing Kalimdor Safari which in turn is needed to complete the World Safari achievement to get the Zookeeper title. Spawn points. Don’t forget to bring either your Terrible Turnip or Molten Corgi—you don’t want to accidentally kill the owl you’re trying to tame once you’ve managed to find one!

There are goats. And then there are undead goats. In a category all on its own we find the fashionably undead goats. Or goat. Because there isn’t anyone quite like Eleanor. And this week, she’s going to show us the beauty of the Chrominius–Pandaren Water Spirit synergy. There are many ways to beat Eleanor (most of them involving really fast bunnies or foxes), but this is the way I do it. It’s not innovative, but it’s effective. Quick and dirty. Just like this guide. As you can see, I’ve thrown in an Unborn Val’kyr for ‘shits and giggles’ (as my British raid leader would say), but all you need is Chrominius and the Pandaren Water Spirit. Start with the Pandaren Water Spirit and cast Geyser. Eleanor will use Death Bleat for the first time. Proceed with Whirlpool, and watch as Eleanor unleashes a mournful bleat and one-shots your water spirit.

Carroteye, Mr. Terrible, and Sloppus are not your standard bunch of root vegetables. Well, nobody really knows what Sloppus is, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume it used to be some kind of root vegetable. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might actually be the leftovers from Brutus’ and Rukus’ Pig Out yesterday. Seriously, what *is* that? There are many ways to beat this team, both with one, two, and three pets, but as the experience gained from battling the Menagerie pets has been nerfed considerably, I’ll not go through how to level a “carry” pet against these teams. If you want to beat this group of pets—and I’m assuming you do—you will want a team with mostly aquatic abilities as Carroteye and Mr. Terrible both are elemental pets, and thus extra vulnerable to said abilities. Any kind of strider works like a charm, I used an Aqua Strider and


New Cindermane Charger Mount

by pallimmanis on

In a news post from Blizzard this morning, they have officially confirmed that the Cindermane Charger recently teased on Twitter is now available from the Recruit-a-Friend program. For those who may not be aware: For each friend you recruit to World of Warcraft you have the opportunity to not only play with your friends but get additional rewards along the way. Once you send your friend a referral link their account provides rewards to you, the referrer. Along with 90 days of boosted experience gains when you are in a party with your friend, when they pay for their first full month of game time (after the initial 30-day subscription provided with the game purchase) the referrer earns a free month of World of Warcraft. When the referred friend pays for their second month, the referrer (you) earn your choice of one of several mounts or pets. The recruited friend

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