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Adding to their collection of in-game weapons brought to life, Blizzard once again worked with Man at Arms blacksmith Tony Swatton to forge another epic representation of Azeroth: Doomhammer. While the Doomhammer is currently wielded by Thrall, former warchief of the Horde and member of the Shaman sect The Earthen Ring, in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, Enhancement Shaman will have the opportunity to possess the Doomhammer as their Artifact weapon. For more information on how to obtain your own (digital) copy of the Doomhammer when the expansion releases we’ve got you covered.


Legion: Class Trials

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One anticipated feature being added in Legion are Class Trials. Class Trials are a way for players to try new classes before using a boost purchased from the Battle.net store or included in the purchase of a new expansion. At the character creation screen a new option has been added where players are able to start a new level one character (or level 55 for Death Knights) or start a new level 100 character and enter the Class Trial. If you are creating a new level one character, players proceed in the same way they have since the game’s launch. If you choose to create a Class Trial character there is an additional menu option to select a Specialization which (at least in this stage of the Beta test) seems to be limited to certain specializations.       After finishing character customization and entering the world you are placed in a solo


After a preemptive posting of the patch notes earlier today, Blizzard has re-posted the first official set of notes for the upcoming Legion Pre-Expansion Patch PTR testing phase. As expected this patch includes many of the anticipated changes for Legion including the new Transmog system, additional graphics options, improved all-around graphics, changes to the PvP system, and itemization changes. One thing this patch does not include is the new Demon Hunter class which was promised to pre-purchasers “prior to the release of Legion” but did not specify a specific time-frame. It’s possible they will be added in a later build or even a secondary pre-release patch prior to the full Legion launch. Blizzard marks their changes in red or strikethroughs. For our purposes changes in red from Blizzard are changed to italics, and reverted changes are still marked with strikethroughs. That being said, lets dig into some patch notes! As always


Patch 7.0 on the PTR

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A new build is being deployed to the Legion Beta test servers today and it also appears that the Warlords of Draenor Public Test Realms will be updated shortly with information for patch 7.0, the pre-release patch for Legion. The patch notes for 7.0 were also briefly posted with information as to what will be included in this portion of the testing then taken down as it appears they were incomplete or inaccurate. However, we can make some assumptions as to what will be included in this patch. Class Changes: The expansion pre-patch generally includes any changes to classes (spell additions, changes, removals). With Legion all classes will be receiving rather significant changes which are detailed in a series of blogs detailed here: Legion Class Preview Changes. Itemization Changes  Character stats are also updated with this patch. In Legion items worn on the neck, rings, and cloaks will no longer provide

Battle pets will start seeing changes in the next Legion alpha build, beginning with sweeping nerfs to the undead racial, several AoE abilities, Graves, and other abilities.

Today, we look at the Marksman Hunter artifact intro. Hunters will chase after Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners, an ornate bow, as well as follow on the trail of Alleria Windrunner. The journey places you alongside an unlikely alliance between the Silver Covenant and the Farstriders, as well as Alleria's sister, Vereesa.

Today, we take a look at the Restoration Shaman artifact intro. The Restoration artifact, the Caduceus of Azshara, was forged around living water taken from the Well of Eternity and used by Queen Azshara to control her subjects. After her defeat during the War of the Ancients, the artifact fell into the hands of other night elves, and was eventually forgotten. Until now.

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Hunter Class Hall, Legion Alpha

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Today, we have a quick tour of the hunter Class Hall, Trueshot Lodge. Located high on Talon Peak in Highmountain, the Lodge has been the center of the Unseen Path faction for thousands of years. It has a rich history of elven and tauren lore, and boasts several returning characters and factions.

Today, we take a look at the Survival hunter artifact intro. The Survival artifact, Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods, was crafted by the Hightmountain tauren and once the weapon of choice of Huln Highmountain. Lost to the dreaded nightsaber Dakarr many years ago, you must embark on an adventure alongside Huln’s descendants, Apata and Wuho, and secure the weapon for the fight against the Burning Legion. Quest Recap Your journey begins in the Hunter’s Reach, a specialized shop for hunters of all walks in Dalaran. Emmarel Shaedwarden contacts you via carrier bird, and explains that her faction, the Unseen Path, needs all hands on deck for the Burning Legion invasion. Her associate, Apata Highmountain, needs help securing the spear Talonclaw, both for her people and for the coming war. Apata flies with you to Tideskorn Harbor, Stormheim, a foggy, haunted bog inhabited by crocolisks, kvaldir, and other adversaries. Her brother, Wuho, is

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Warlock Class Hall, Legion Alpha

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Today, we have a quick tour of the warlock Class Hall, Dreadscar Rift. Located on a Legion portal world, securing the Rift is a huge boon in the fight against the Burning Legion. Dreadscar Rift brings with it the support of the Dreadscar demon hordes, although it seems that over the course of the warlock questing experience other allies will join the fight. You will also have to gather the Council of the Black Harvest together again after near defeat against the pit lord Jagganoth. For at least Ritssyn Flamescowl, this means resurrection. He, along with the others, will become some of your new followers for the expansion, working alongside you out on world quests and exploring warlock lore. Below, you’ll find previews of both the hall and some of the questing experience to open it. For more on Class Halls, see our previous coverage and the BlizzCon Class Hall presentation. Also, you may