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Today, we take a look at the Affliction warlock artifact intro questline. The Affliction artifact, Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester, contains a powerful part of its history in its name. Warlocks will have to follow the trail of the legendary Dark Riders and brave the long lost Karazhan catacombs to claim this demonic scythe. Quest Recap As you may recall from our BlizzCon coverage, Ulthalesh was the very instrument used to wipe Deadwind Pass of life, creating the barren, bleak, deathly landscape players have known since The Burning Crusade. Then it mysteriously disappeared, and the only hint of its whereabouts are mentions of the Dark Riders from the Tome of Blighted Implements. (The book is found in a prior sequence while working on the Warlock Class Hall on a Legion portal world.) Calydus, a helpful but mysterious demon, sends players from the Dalaran sewers to Duskwood on the tail of the Deadwind Harvester. Arriving at the quest

Today, we take a look at the Elemental shaman artifact questline. The Elemental artifact, the Fist of Ra-Den, should bring back memories of an expansion not to long ago. In Mists of Pandaria, heroes fought through the stronghold of Lei-Shen, the Thunder King, to find and defeat this imprisoned Titan on Heroic mode. The Fist came into the White Tiger’s possession at some point, and shamans must pass his trials to obtain it. Lei-Shen had long ago begun using Ra-Den’s blood and power for his own purposes, but according to Xuen, the “tools of the storm god” were a power even Lei-Shen feared to harness. At the Temple of the White Tiger, shamans will be tested in three trials–with a couple throwbacks to the trials during the Pandaria dailies along the way. But you can relax–you won’t have to carry any torches up the steps of the temple this time. You

Today, we take a look at the Enhancement Shaman Artifact questline. The Enhancement Artifact, Doomhammer, has a rich history of Shaman and Warrior masters, typically of the Orc variety. Most recently, it was borne by Thrall, although (spoilers) he loses that privilege during the course of the questline. Shortly after landing near the Maelstrom, Geth’xun and a small incursion of demons crash down on the gathering. At the end of the confrontation, Geth’xun disarms Thrall, who finds himself unable to wield Doomhammer as he once did. As Thrall ponders the fallout of his decision to kill Garrosh on Draenor, you must follow after Geth’xun into the Maelstrom and through the depths of Deepholm. After a couple encounters with familiar Deepholm baddies, you will find Doomhammer defending itself from the Dreadlord with a rock shield. Using your Shamanic powers, you can shatter the shield, take Doomhammer for yourself, and defeat the Dreadlord before

Today, we take a look at the Fire Mage Artifact quest line. The Fire Artifact, Felo’melorn, was the blade wielded by the royal Sunstrider family in the War of the Ancients and, more recently, by Prince Kael’thas. It is rumored to be a match for even the Lich King’s mighty blade. Felo’melorn, last used in combat by Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider against the Lich King Arthas Menethil, has since been lost to the Lich King’s fortress. Lyandra Sunstrider, now an undead thrall, must be slain to obtain it. In the alpha, some glitches persist, such as when leaving or entering the Hall of the Guardian (Class Hall), which will sometimes kick players off. Aside from that and some missing voice overs, the quest line is quick, action-packed, and sees the return of some cool characters, like Aethas, who we last saw defying the Kirin Tor when he commanded the Sunreavers to

Today, we take a look at the Havoc Demon Hunter Artifact quest line. The Havoc Artifacts, Twinblades of the Deceiver (or Verus and Muramas), are the Warglaives of Varedis Felsoul, and are rumored to be even more powerful than Illidan’s. You can tell that the Havoc Artifact questline is pretty far along in the alpha. Your journey will take you to the Violet Hold to confront a powerful demon, and a Legion corrupted portion of Suramar, where you will slaughter demons, take down Legion sentry towers, and ultimately defeat Varedis, himself. In the current build, it’s just missing some voice overs, some geography still needs fixing, and some enemies don’t spawn–there is actually another mini boss right before Varedis that didn’t show up for this recording. Overall, this Artifact quest line seems pleasantly paced and just long enough to be memorable, with a nice mix of characters, old and new

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BlizzCon 2015: Artifact System

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In our continuing recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon 2015, we look at lead quest designer Craig Amai's presentation on Artifacts during the game systems panel. The presentation described acquiring and upgrading the Affliction Warlock Artifact, as well as Artifact Relics, upgrades, and Artifact Power.