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A controversial Order Hall research bonus, due to be added to the game in patch 7.2, has been changed. Originally, this bonus enabled relics to roll a random second trait. However, players on the PTR argued that this added another layer of randomness to the loot system, and was too much of a power spike for alts to compete with against mains. Instead, players will be able to unlock the ability to double the AP gains from World Quests. The second trait bonus is likely to make a comeback later in Legion, however. CM Lore posted Blizzard’s reasoning on the matter on both the US and EU forums:


For Azeroth Challenge Guide

by Samantha Cruse on

Calling all Warcraft mount collectors! Beginning February 14th at 10am PST through March 14 10am PST you can participate in a cross-franchise challenge by completing 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with a friend as any hero from the Warcraft universe and you will be handsomely rewarded with a Primal Flamesaber in WoW and Flames of Judgement Charger in Heroes. Here are some tips and tricks to make it through the event as quickly, and hopefully painlessly, as possible. Complete the tutorial: If you’ve never logged into Heroes of the Storm before, go ahead and complete the initial tutorial in order to learn how to move around in the game and using/selecting talents. Find a friend: if you’re finding it difficult to track down buddies complete the challenge with, /join FORAZEROTH from the in-game chat in Heroes. There will be plenty of folks looking for others to team up with. Get started:


Patch 7.1.5 is Now Live

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Patch 7.1.5 brings a massive amount of changes and new/updated content. Highlights include: Opening of The Nighthold raid January 17th Balancing of legendary equipment, new legendaries, and increased item level for newly acquired legendaries (existing ones can have their ilvl increased) Numerous class balancing changes and talent reworks Secondary stats have been reworked to be more valuable to all specs Professions updates PVP updates: Artifact traits 35+ are now active (update: in non-instanced PvP) Prestige cap raised to rank 9 MoP dungeons being added to the timewalking rotation Brawler’s Guild returns and has been reworked for new and amusing challenges Micro Holidays introduced Artifact Knowledge catch-up to rank 20


Invade the Nighthold January 17th

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As Blizzard revealed during one of the developer Q&A sessions the next World of Warcraft: Legion raid, the Nighthold, will be released to NA realms on January 17th. Located in Suramar, the Nighthold is described as “the largest structure in the Broken Isles and among the grandest in all of Azeroth”. In spite of the raid being occupied by Gul’dan, Tichondrius, and other creatures of the Burning Legion the raid is heavily focused around elven architecture and magic since it was previously a palace. That does not diminish the malevolence of those that dwell within, however. As with previous raids the opening for various difficulties will be staggered across several weeks beginning on January 17th with Normal and Heroic difficulties. The next week (January 24th) Mythic difficulty and the first wing of LFR (Arcing Aqueducts) will open, followed by Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) on February 7th, Wing 3 (Nightspire) on


Happy Anniversary, Diablo!

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December 31st, 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the Diablo franchise, originally released on December 31st, 1996. Along with the Darkening of Tristram event slated to take place in Diablo III (including a return to the Cathedral from the original game) Blizzard is including an in-game event for World of Warcraft players to celebrate the occasion as well. The event is apparently already live on EU realms which means it should be starting soon™ on NA servers as well. Along with a Feat of Strength Achievement it also includes some flavor items to temporarily increase player’s stats during the event, a Horadric Satchel 28 slot bag, and a Twelve-String Guitar toy. To obtain these items players must track down a Treasure Goblin in various areas throughout the world including the Dalaran Sewers and the end of some instances. The goblin will attempt to make his escape by casting a portal.

With 7,2, there’s going to be even more to do (and grind) with Artifacts. New appearances for each class and spec, new questing content for each Artifact, and new traits and catch-up mechanics will give old and news players something to do. New Artifact Appearances Appearances which have already pretty much been datamined were revealed in all their artistic glory today. Coming in 7.2, players can unlock them by completing challenging solo content. You’ll recall that each class already has an appearance tied to PvP, upgrading the base appearance, a hidden appearance, one tied to group PvE content, and, of course, a base appearance. This brings total appearances for each spec to 6, in addition to all color variants. Artifact System Updates In 7.2, Artifacts will be updated with more bang for your buck, and generally become more alt-friendly and forgiving of players new with 7.2. All existing 3-point traits


Patch 7.1 Release Date

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The World of Warcraft team had another community Q&A session today hosted by Josh ‘Lore’ Allen and featured newly minted Game Director Ion ‘Watcher’ Hazzikostas. While there was a lot of information discussed during the session, one of the major announcements was that Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan is currently planned to be released to Live realms on Tuesday October 25th. The two main features being released as a part of this patch are a new 5-player Mythic dungeon in Karazhan (hence the name of the patch) and a new mini-raid: Trial of Valor. This raid is intended to wrap up the storyline players experienced in Stormheim. Other items of note in this patch are minor quality of life improvements for players such as a Blood of Sargeras trader for crafting reagents which can be sold or traded, new World Quests, and the removal of reputation requirements for World Quests, the


Mythic Keystone Preview

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Advanced difficulty Mythic dungeons are coming next week with the release of Legion’s first raid. With the coming addition, Blizzard released a blog post breaking down how to obtain Mythic Keystones and offering a glimpse into the rewards that await those who test their resolve with the additional difficulty levels. One thing to note for those who will be jumping into Mythic dungeons early to get a leg up on raiding: During the first week the keystones are available, loot will be capped at a base item level of 850. Once Mythic raids are open the following week the rewards from Mythic dungeons will scale appropriately upward. Let us know what you think of the new system and if you and your friends will be attempting to climb the mountain of difficulty these dungeons will offer.


Legion Marathon tips

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With the release of Legion taking place tonight we put together a list of some important items to remember during the marathon grind to level 110: Take breaks Everyone has their own objectives they want to accomplish, whether it’s the first person on their realm to hit 110, or the first one to max out their First Aid skill, find the first legendary, etc. While it’s exciting to be able to do this, remember to stand up and stretch (for more than just quick trips to the bathroom.) Focus on stretching your hands as a part of this. They’re going to take a beating during your session and you want to keep them in good shape. Stay hydrated Sure, you bought that 24 can flat of Monster/Rockstar/Red Bull. They’re useful for energy but your body still needs water to process and flush all the extra stuff that comes with those


Warforged Invasion Loot

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It looks like the developers are making some changes in the back-end to help players continue to prepare for Legion’s launch. Wowpedia has confirmed that items which drop from Demon Invasion chests now have a chance to be Warforged, adding at least an additional 10 levels to their existing 700 item level. This reflects upon the development team’s earlier statement that, as the invasion proceeds and the Legion gets stronger, the loot will also get incrementally better to help hold the demons off. There hasn’t been any word yet on how high the item levels will go but there are only two weeks until the launch of the expansion so depending on the final numbers we may see them go up fairly quickly. Update: Items have the chance to roll an upgrade 720 item level as confirmed here.

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