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Legion Class Preview: Warrior

by Magistrate on

The Warrior Legion class preview blog post went up recently detailing streamlined abilities and resource generation, as well as some other updates. Below, we've summarized the changes to each of the class's specs, including ability, talent, and rotation changes.

A few updates have been posted to the 6.2 Patch notes. Bold text means there was an addition or update, italic text means the item was removed. Strikethroughs are carried over from Blizzard’s original post and means the change has been reverted since the last update. The items listed below are the only changes since the last update. For the full list of patch notes in their current iteration, the full current list is available on the World of Warcraft community site. As always, remember: The patch is currently in a very VERY early stage of testing, and everything has the potential to be changed up until (and even after) the patch is released. What is nerfed now may not be nerfed in two months (unless you’re a Paladin. No bitterness though.)

There is something about melee classes that I simply love. I have always played thieves, warriors, paladins and every other close combat class you can imagine in various role playing games. Being far away from most of the danger and harm does not feel like engaging combat to me, so when I began playing Warcraft I always rolled melee classes. If you have ever wanted to roll a melee class for raiding purposes I will be talking about some of the important aspects you have to take into account. (Big hammer to the face) One of the hardest things about being a melee DPS in World of Warcraft is not having a good view of what is going on in the fight. Ranged DPS and healers have greater perspective of the environment and it is easier for them to anticipate most abilities. Melee have to move around a lot and are at the mercy

The 6.0 changes are finally upon us and I will be taking this opportunity to talk about the game play changes to the different roles in the game specifically for PvE. We will now look at the changes to melee DPS. I generally favor melee classes and it is what I played most on Beta; on the live servers, my main character is a rogue. One of the things that stand out with melee changes is being much slower in terms of rotations and priority. I feel that there is a big misconception around how to play a melee character in that spamming your abilities is the way to go. Now normally, there comes a time with most expansions in which the level of gear we are in makes it possible to spam most of our abilities and have good results; right now and at the beginning of the expansion, however,

Warlords of Draenor is set to bring a multitude of changes to the various classes of Azeroth, and Warriors are no exception. They’ll be having some skills removed, others merged and some buffed, depending on how you look at them. What matters (at least to me) is that they’ll still be crushing skulls and keeping the proud fighter tradition alive in World of Warcraft. I won’t be going over PvP changes to Warrior because I don’t PvP much and cannot honestly say how they’ll affect the experience. Sorry! Ability Pruning Battle Shout now lasts 1 hour and no longer generates Rage. Berserker Rage no longer generates Rage or increases Physical damage dealt. Berserker Stance has been removed. Cleave has been removed. Commanding Shout now lasts 1 hour and no longer generates Rage. Demoralizing Banner has been removed. Hamstring is now a passive ability that causes Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Revenge, and

Last night’s show was all about the protection warrior, and what makes that class so unique. We discussed talents, glyphs, and that all important rage generation. What do you do when you need to dump rage? Hint: it’s not punting gnomes! Watch The Edge to find out! The Edge Episode 4: Protection Warrior