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Warlock Class Hall, Legion Alpha

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Today, we have a quick tour of the warlock Class Hall, Dreadscar Rift. Located on a Legion portal world, securing the Rift is a huge boon in the fight against the Burning Legion. Dreadscar Rift brings with it the support of the Dreadscar demon hordes, although it seems that over the course of the warlock questing experience other allies will join the fight. You will also have to gather the Council of the Black Harvest together again after near defeat against the pit lord Jagganoth. For at least Ritssyn Flamescowl, this means resurrection. He, along with the others, will become some of your new followers for the expansion, working alongside you out on world quests and exploring warlock lore. Below, you’ll find previews of both the hall and some of the questing experience to open it. For more on Class Halls, see our previous coverage and the BlizzCon Class Hall presentation. Also, you may

Today, we take a look at the Affliction warlock artifact intro questline. The Affliction artifact, Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester, contains a powerful part of its history in its name. Warlocks will have to follow the trail of the legendary Dark Riders and brave the long lost Karazhan catacombs to claim this demonic scythe. Quest Recap As you may recall from our BlizzCon coverage, Ulthalesh was the very instrument used to wipe Deadwind Pass of life, creating the barren, bleak, deathly landscape players have known since The Burning Crusade. Then it mysteriously disappeared, and the only hint of its whereabouts are mentions of the Dark Riders from the Tome of Blighted Implements. (The book is found in a prior sequence while working on the Warlock Class Hall on a Legion portal world.) Calydus, a helpful but mysterious demon, sends players from the Dalaran sewers to Duskwood on the tail of the Deadwind Harvester. Arriving at the quest

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BlizzCon 2015: Artifact System

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In our continuing recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon 2015, we look at lead quest designer Craig Amai's presentation on Artifacts during the game systems panel. The presentation described acquiring and upgrading the Affliction Warlock Artifact, as well as Artifact Relics, upgrades, and Artifact Power.


Legion Class Preview: Warlock

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The Warlock Legion class preview blog post went up today detailing mostly quality of life changes, as well as some cool new active talents. Below, we've summarized the changes to each of the class's specs, including ability, talent, and rotation changes.

To more understand the artifact system we take a close look at Ulthalesh, Deadwind Harvester. How does it function, what can we expect as we progress through Legion.

Rygarius has just updated the 6.2 Patch Notes for content currently in testing on the PTR. As always, BOLD indicates a an update or addition, ITALIC indicates a removal. strikethroughs are left over from Blizzard’s format and are the same as italicized text. Remember, these modifications are subject to change up to the time they are deployed to the live realms. General Changes Salvage Yard Gray items obtained from salvage recovered from Follower missions may now sometimes drop a stackable gray item instead of a range of various gray items taking up lots of inventory space. The average gold value should remain roughly the same. Raids and Dungeons Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry Changes A raid-wide debuff has been added to reduce damage dealt by all creatures and NPCs in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty. The achievements, Ahead of the Curve: Imperator’s Fall, Cutting Edge: Imperator’s Fall, Ahead of


Welcome back to the hotfix blog, where today we’ve got fixes for Warlock spells, Legendary quests (yay, fewer guards!) and an achievement fix for everyone’s FAVORITE holiday week. Before you ask, no there haven’t been any changes to ‘School of Hard Knocks’. Sorry if I got your hopes up. There was also a fix to a quest in the Southern Barrens: Rageroar Rowboats (needed for the quest ‘Run Out the Guns’) should continue to spawn. That’s all for today, so good luck and have fun this week!


Patch 6.2 – April 17th Update

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Rygarius updated the patch notes for 6.2 today with additional information about Timewalking, Profession Crafted items (get ready for more upgrades!) and a few additions to Ashran. Bold text are additions or changes, italic text is items that were removed. As always, remember anything currently on the PTR is subject to change and we’re a long way off from the patch release so don’t get too crazy about nerfs/buffs/too much content/not enough content. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a certain celestial dragon and his team about the Holy Shock mana increase.

A few updates have been posted to the 6.2 Patch notes. Bold text means there was an addition or update, italic text means the item was removed. Strikethroughs are carried over from Blizzard’s original post and means the change has been reverted since the last update. The items listed below are the only changes since the last update. For the full list of patch notes in their current iteration, the full current list is available on the World of Warcraft community site. As always, remember: The patch is currently in a very VERY early stage of testing, and everything has the potential to be changed up until (and even after) the patch is released. What is nerfed now may not be nerfed in two months (unless you’re a Paladin. No bitterness though.)

The 6.0 changes are finally upon us, and I will be taking this opportunity to talk about the gameplay changes to the different roles in the game, specifically for PvE. We will now look at the changes towards ranged DPS. I recently began playing ranged DPS character due to the time in between patches and the changes made a big difference in how they play out. One of the bigger problems we had during Siege of Ogrimmar was how ranged classes were favored in most encounters. This was mostly due to their high mobility while casting most of their spells. Casters are allows to have big hitting abilities because most of them are tied to long cast times that root them in place. In Mists of Pandaria most of the casters’ disabilities tied towards cast bars were removed in some form. This made their hard-hitting spells (and a shrinking concern for constantly