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Potential: A Support Class?

by Practical on

In a recent interview over at Chinese gaming site QQ, there was a very brief Q&A about possibly adding a new class to buff other players. This of course sparked speculation about a possible support class from many people on Twitter and on the forums, and I wanted to entertain the idea of what a ‘support’ class really means. I want to reference a blog post from a pal of mine over Twitter (@Aramisx) talking about the trifecta of roles in WoW, and where a support lies in between all of them. Let’s look at fantastic image he cooked up for us: Aramisx states that, “The center isn’t absent of a triangle, instead it is the force that binds all others. As such, it brings together all pieces and when all are working in conjunction, the resulting synergy makes for an unstoppable force.” I think that’s a pretty interesting perspective on

World of Warcraft’s 5.3 Escalation patch brings with it a solid amount of new content, as well as some balance changes. Always a precarious topic, balance changes can topple the mighty and give life to the more downtrodden classes. Did your favorite class win, lose or stay about the same in 5.3? Find out below! WINNERS HUNTERS While Hunter pet crowd control abilities are taking a decent nerf in 5.3 with most abilities having their cooldowns increased from one minute to two minutes, (the exception being the worm family’s burrow attack, which is actually receiving a cooldown buff) Hunters are getting some love. Aspect of the Hawk and the Aspect of the Iron Hawk Glyph are bumping up ranged attack power from 25%, from 15%. Hunters utilizing the Marksmanship specialization will see an increase in multishot damage, up to 60% from 30%. Beast Mastery’s Beast Cleave is getting a 25%

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