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The latest Legion alpha update also snuck in some new Fire mage animations–and they’ll burn your socks off. The updates seem to have affected Flamestrike, Flame Orb, and Pheonix’s Flames. Related: A Brave New World: Fire Mages in the Legion Alpha Obtaining the Artifact: Felo’melorn, Fire Mage Class Hall: Hall of the Guardian, Mage

World of Warcraft Legion Mage Class Hall

Today, we have a quick tour of the Mage Class Hall, Hall of the Guardian. To open the Class Hall, players must first do a little dirty work for Meryl Felstorm, previously Winterstorm, who was one of the founders of the Council of Tirisfal many years ago. Opening the Hall of the Guardian Felstorm is on the tracks of a dreadlord named Kathra’natir, who is hellbent on obtaining the Forge of the Guardian, recently secured in the Violet Hold right in Dalaran. The Forge is used to transfer the power of each preceding Guardian of Tirisfal into the latest one, which would make it quite the boon for the Burning Legion. After securing the Forge, Felstorm and the ghost of Alodi take players high into the Hall of the Guardian, one of the spires overlooking Dalaran. The tower still has its protective spells in place, making it a suitable place to

Today, we take a look at the Fire Mage Artifact quest line. The Fire Artifact, Felo’melorn, was the blade wielded by the royal Sunstrider family in the War of the Ancients and, more recently, by Prince Kael’thas. It is rumored to be a match for even the Lich King’s mighty blade. Felo’melorn, last used in combat by Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider against the Lich King Arthas Menethil, has since been lost to the Lich King’s fortress. Lyandra Sunstrider, now an undead thrall, must be slain to obtain it. In the alpha, some glitches persist, such as when leaving or entering the Hall of the Guardian (Class Hall), which will sometimes kick players off. Aside from that and some missing voice overs, the quest line is quick, action-packed, and sees the return of some cool characters, like Aethas, who we last saw defying the Kirin Tor when he commanded the Sunreavers to

With the Legion alpha in full swing, it’s time to share some thoughts on our favourite classes. First up: Mages. Only one spec is playable right now, and  to many it is the quintessential Mage specialisation, Fire. The Fire Mage artefact is Felo’melorn, the sword of the Sunstrider family of the Blood Elves. It was broken and then reforged (sound familiar?), and used by Kael’thas to fight the Lich King, who was armed with the runeblade, Frostmourne. It’s a powerful weapon. After retrieving the sword, you will have a passive ability (Highblade’s Will) that generates Flame Orbs; these hover around you and turn your Pyroblast into Phoenix’s Flames, which deals about 1.5 times the damage of Pyroblast, is instant cast and also causes splash damage. The graphics aren’t great at the moment (the phoenixes you conjure just sort of hover towards the target – I’m hoping that they become faster, more direct and


Legion Class Preview: Mage

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The Mage Legion class preview blog post went up today detailing mostly quality of life changes, as well as some cool new active talents. Below, we’ve summarized the changes to each of the class’s specs, including ability, talent, and rotation changes. Key Points Mages are in a good place as far as spec identity, resource management, and mechanics Conjure Refreshment now passively provides a food stack for Mages Mages in a raid team will automatically provide a Conjured Refreshment Table Arcane’s resource, Arcane Charges, now has its own resource bar on the character plaque Fire’s Combustion, Ignite, and Inferno Blast have been simplified Frost will no longer use Frostfire Bolt, but will focus more on Frozen Orb Arcane Like all Mage specs, Arcane is already in a good place, but will see several improvements. First, Arcane Charges will no longer show as a tiny debuff next to the mini-map–they will instead


Patch 6.2 – April 17th Update

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Rygarius updated the patch notes for 6.2 today with additional information about Timewalking, Profession Crafted items (get ready for more upgrades!) and a few additions to Ashran. Bold text are additions or changes, italic text is items that were removed. As always, remember anything currently on the PTR is subject to change and we’re a long way off from the patch release so don’t get too crazy about nerfs/buffs/too much content/not enough content. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see a certain celestial dragon and his team about the Holy Shock mana increase.

The 6.0 changes are finally upon us, and I will be taking this opportunity to talk about the gameplay changes to the different roles in the game, specifically for PvE. We will now look at the changes towards ranged DPS. I recently began playing ranged DPS character due to the time in between patches and the changes made a big difference in how they play out. One of the bigger problems we had during Siege of Ogrimmar was how ranged classes were favored in most encounters. This was mostly due to their high mobility while casting most of their spells. Casters are allows to have big hitting abilities because most of them are tied to long cast times that root them in place. In Mists of Pandaria most of the casters’ disabilities tied towards cast bars were removed in some form. This made their hard-hitting spells (and a shrinking concern for constantly

Simple answer: a lot. Strap in, this is going to be a big one. Mages were identified by Celestalon as undergoing a lot of changes in WoD. With the patch notes dropping (I’m on GMT, so they arrived at midnight on Friday – thanks Blizz!) we now have a rough idea of what we might look like on Draenor. Remember that these are only the first round of notes – more will be coming. Button Bloat Back in vanilla we were billed as a master of AoE, and our extensive list of spells in this category still supports that today. However, that has been more of a hindrance than a help. Throughout MoP our AoE rotation has been confused, usually consisting of your choice of Bomb spell, Flamestrike on cooldown and a spec-specific cleave mechanic (Arcane Barrage, Inferno Blast or Glyph of Splitting Ice). Pruning those abilities down makes absolute sense, and while I