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Design Retrospective: Demon Hunters

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In this short Design Retrospective series, we’ll dissect the the BlizzCon 2016 Design Retrospective panel. Today, we take a deeper look at the development of the Demon Hunter class alongside senior game designer Jonathan LeCraft. When the team finally got word that Demon Hunters were actually happening, they wasted no time digging in. The last real bite anyone has had of them was Burning Crusade, so in only three days, they had a somewhat-working version ready in an internal build. The early build let users create their Demon Hunter in the character creator and had just a couple skills. Since one of Legion‘s focuses was class fantasy, they kept the skill kit limited while they iterated–working with only enough active abilities to fit the standard hotbar. Eyebeam At first, the idea of shooting laser beams out of a character’s head was more of a joke (looking at you, Hozen Idol)–but no one

Okay, so you’ve toiled away on the character creation screen long enough and you’re ready to stand beside Illidan against the Legion. As soon as you gain control of your character for the first time you are thrust onto Mardum, located in the Twisting Nether, ready to take down the Legion. First, arm yourself with a little knowledge—it is power after all! Most of the treasures contain Legion Healthstone or Fel Crystal Fragments, but two very important chests marked below:  The southern treasure contains a reusable mini-flask, Inquisitor’s Menacing Eye an alternate version of Oralius’ Whispering Crystal which requires a bit more time and effort from a Draenor Garrison Inn. The eastern one contains Vile Stalkerskin Pouch a 28-slot bag, saving yourself a thousand gold on the Auction House. If you happen to have HandyNotes along with HandyNotes Draenor Treasures then you’re all set. Eventually you’ll need Legion Treasures so why not grab it now while you’re

Demon Hunters, Legion's latest World of Warcraft player class, as well as the old world invasions of the Burning Legion are set to begin August 9, according to the recent developer Q&A.

Today, we take a look at the Havoc Demon Hunter Artifact quest line. The Havoc Artifacts, Twinblades of the Deceiver (or Verus and Muramas), are the Warglaives of Varedis Felsoul, and are rumored to be even more powerful than Illidan’s. You can tell that the Havoc Artifact questline is pretty far along in the alpha. Your journey will take you to the Violet Hold to confront a powerful demon, and a Legion corrupted portion of Suramar, where you will slaughter demons, take down Legion sentry towers, and ultimately defeat Varedis, himself. In the current build, it’s just missing some voice overs, some geography still needs fixing, and some enemies don’t spawn–there is actually another mini boss right before Varedis that didn’t show up for this recording. Overall, this Artifact quest line seems pleasantly paced and just long enough to be memorable, with a nice mix of characters, old and new

World of Warcraft Legion Alpha Demon Hunter Customization

Demon Hunter Character Customization

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Legion‘s Demon Hunters come in many different styles. The latest Hero Class is open to Blood Elves and Night Elves, both genders, and has a variety of custom skins, as well as blindfolds, demon horns, and new faces. Below, we put together a quick video to show off these new features, as well as some galleries. A couple things of note: The female earrings (males don’t seem to get any, probably since they get facial hair) only show up as white, textureless models from what I can see–this may be a work in progress during the alpha test Some hair clipping occurs, specifically around the neck and chest, while customizing–this is temporary and has been addressed by devs Female models seem to lack the green fire from the eyes when their blindfolds are on, although they still show the eye glow–unsure if this is temporary Blood Elves Night Elves

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Exploring Azeroth: Mardum

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Exploring Draenor delves into the hidden places of the world that will one day become Outland – but not this week. From the volcanic landscape of Frostfire to the gloomy dells of Shadowmoon, these articles are your guide to events that are off the beaten path – or on another world. Today’s Exploring Draenor is totally not an excuse to write about my experiences in the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha test. Look, Demon Hunters start with an ability that lets them see treasure through walls, okay? This thing writes itself. Let’s begin with character creation. A new feature has been added that allows players to go back to customisation before logging the character in for the first time – basically, giving you all of the creation options again. Those options have been expanded for Demon Hunters, too – my Night Elf (because #AlliancePride #HeartOfALion #ForLordaeron) had new green and dark grey (almost black)


The Legion Alpha test has begun and so far only the Demon Hunter starting area is available for testing. Along with limiting testers to the Demon Hunter starting experience, only the Havoc (DPS) specialization and the first two rows of talents are available to be unlocked at levels 99 and 100. Level 99 Talents Fel Mastery Blade Dance Blind Fury Level 100 Talents Prepared Demon Blades Master of the Glaive As an added bonus, one talent from the next tier (earned at level 102) is in but not available for use yet: Soul Rending. Level 102 Talent Soul Rending So far the informal responses to the starting experience for the new class seem positive. There is still some work to do as it is incomplete but the progression and flow around the zone seem natural. Being able to double-jump into a glide or Fel Rush into combat seem like fun ways

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BlizzCon 2015: Demon Hunter Recap

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In our continuing detailed recap of World of Warcraft: Legion at BlizzCon, we take a look at the Demon Hunter during the game systems panel. Senior game designer Jon LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) presented on Demon Hunter specs, mobility, and more. At its heart, the Demon Hunter is about a “dark hero,” one that gave up its soul to fight the Burning Legion, a threat that most on Azeroth don’t actually even know exists or believe in, given the millennia since the last true Azeroth invasion. The class wears leather and focuses mostly on melee with high mobility. They tend to use the weapons of the enemy against them, including their weapons of choice, Warglaives, which can be thrown at the enemy, as well as Fel magic. When creating a Demon Hunter, players can customize horns, tattoos, and custom skin textures in addition to all of the pre-existing character creation options. New voice

World of Warcraft: Legion was officially announced yesterday and one of the hot topics is, since they are a hero class, what level will Demon Hunters start at? Developers are still debating internally about what level to start the class at, but I’m going to lay out why I think it makes sense to start them at a high level. In Wrath of the Lich King with the introduction of Death Knights, Blizzard announced that this class would start at level 55 and progress through their own starting experience before officially joining their faction. At the time Death Knights were released, level boosts didn’t exist and heirlooms were not as prevalent in the leveling process as they are now so Death Knights typically joined the world at level 58 and would level through Outland before heading to Northrend. The level cap was level 80, which meant new Death Knights had approximately 22 levels