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Legion Class Preview: Death Knight

by Magistrate on

The Death Knight Legion class preview blog post went up today detailing a big change to the Runes resource system, as well as some other minor changes "for clarity." Below, we've summarized the changes to each of the class's specs, including ability, talent, and rotation changes.

There is something about melee classes that I simply love. I have always played thieves, warriors, paladins and every other close combat class you can imagine in various role playing games. Being far away from most of the danger and harm does not feel like engaging combat to me, so when I began playing Warcraft I always rolled melee classes. If you have ever wanted to roll a melee class for raiding purposes I will be talking about some of the important aspects you have to take into account. (Big hammer to the face) One of the hardest things about being a melee DPS in World of Warcraft is not having a good view of what is going on in the fight. Ranged DPS and healers have greater perspective of the environment and it is easier for them to anticipate most abilities. Melee have to move around a lot and are at the mercy

The 6.0 changes are finally upon us and I will be taking this opportunity to talk about the game play changes to the different roles in the game specifically for PvE. We will now look at the changes to melee DPS. I generally favor melee classes and it is what I played most on Beta; on the live servers, my main character is a rogue. One of the things that stand out with melee changes is being much slower in terms of rotations and priority. I feel that there is a big misconception around how to play a melee character in that spamming your abilities is the way to go. Now normally, there comes a time with most expansions in which the level of gear we are in makes it possible to spam most of our abilities and have good results; right now and at the beginning of the expansion, however,

A hotfix to increase damage output for several classes and specs perceived by the World of Warcraft development team to be underperforming compared to their peers has now gone live. Death Knight Frost Icy Talons now increases melee attack speed by 45% (up from 30%). Unholy Unholy Might now increases Strength by 35% (up from 25%). Hunter General Aspect of the Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 35% (up from 25%). Talents Aspect of the Iron Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 35% (up from 25%). Shaman Elemental Elemental Focus now increases spell damage done by 20% (up from 15%) Technical Game Designer Chadd Nervig reassured any players who may be fearing another respec or rotation change on his Twitter account after announcing that the hotfixes had been implemented: .@Celestalon It's worth noting that these changes are extremely simple number tweaks, not mechanic changes. — Celestalon (@Celestalon) January