If you haven’t capped your valor yet this week, the Heart of the Valorous buff will be active, making the process that much simpler. Expect double valor gains between July 11th and July 14th. No word just yet on when we can expect to see the next round of Gaze of the Black Prince, or just how Blizzard determines when to use which buff.


Shawshank Redemption and Warcraft

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Shawshank Redemption is an amazing movie. If you somehow haven’t seen it, you should absolutely rectify that as soon as possible. The movie (based on a Stephen King novel) covers the life of a man wrongfully imprisoned. He, along with other inmates, is forced to deal with the reality of a lifetime wasted in prison. What does this have to do with Warcraft? I’ll explain. There’s an iconic scene in the film where Morgan Freeman’s character Red explains that, after enough time spent in the slammer, he’s begun to feel that he would not know what to do on the outside, that he’s in a sense become institutionalized. Many of us have been playing Warcraft since 2004, and even those of us who haven’t probably have a few years under our collective belts. We’re used to Warcraft. We understand what it is, and what we need to do in order to


First Impressions of Warlords

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The term savage has been beaten to death, but it’s really the most fitting adjective  available 90 minutes into Warlords of Draenor. Frostfire Ridge is for all intents and purposes an inhospitable wasteland dominated by gripping cold, cauldrons of boiling magma, gronn, ogres, wolves and more. It’s made clear right from outset that this expansion is not about finding your inner zen, assisting pandas or chasing down vermin. It’s a brutal story about a land dominated by violence. Personally, I love it. I’m an avid reader of military fantasy and the grislier the story gets, the more I tend to enjoy it. Warlords’ tone is a total departure from Mists of Pandaria, at least initially. While Mists eventually delved into some dark stuff later on in the narrative, Warlords starts out as an all-out fight to survive. Durotan and his people are desperately trying to stake their claim against gronn and ogre

Azeroth Choppers continues with episode six, this episode continuing to take a look at the logistical issues that come with trying to put together super specific bikes in a short window of time. Credit to both teams, the bikes are really starting to look badass. It’s early, but I’m big on the Alliance bike, mostly for the giant shield going on the front of it. The Horde tusks are okay, but I think the Alliance is going to win out in the end. Sadly, there were no meme worthy shots of Monte Krol this week.


Patch 5.4.8 Patch Notes

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5.4.8 mostly deals with valor upgrades, but there’s a bit more going on under the hood. Most notably, Garrosh Hellscream’s enrage timer has been bumped from 18 to 25 minutes on Raid Finder, making the fight a bit easier for the most basic tier of raiding. General Nazgrim has also received a nerf, but again, only at the Raid Finder level. There’s nothing super crazy here, but if you wanted the ability to grind out more item levels, you totally can. Additionally, these new valor options should make life easier for those still doing the legendary questline. It’s reasonable to believe that the next small patch might not be far off, as the datamined ‘Heart of the Valorous’ buff is not actually in this patch. The buff appears to be another quality of life upgrade for legendary quest types, and I’d personally expect it sometime soon. World of Warcraft Patch

Bike enthusiasts will have much to be pleased about this week as Azeroth Choppers seems to be a bit more focused on the actual motorcycles, and less on the sweet, tasty drama. The bikes are really beginning to take shape and it’s really exciting. Take a peak at episode five below:

Only seven days of shooting remain on the set of the Warcraft movie according to film director Duncan Jones. 7 more shooting days to go! Just one more push, gang, and we can slap this baby! — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) May 14, 2014 After it wraps up shooting, the movie will enter what will be almost two year post production phase according to an interview Crave Online did with Legendary Films’ CEO Thomas Tull. “Well, part of it is getting the date right. As you may have noticed, these next two years, there’s pretty big titles coming out. We wanted to make sure that we got that right, but there are some sequences and some things that Duncan Jones has done that are truly on the cutting edge. You want to have plenty of time to make sure that we dial those in. So by the time they get home


Gears Changes Coming in 5.4.8

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Great news coming in patch 5.4.8 if you haven’t cleared Siege of Ogrimmar yet, or simply enjoy numbers being higher. The potential for item upgrades is being doubled. Instead of eight bonus item levels, players will have access to 16. Pug enthusiast (and Community Manager) Crithto explained on the official Warcraft forums that the change should help those still busting hump to take down the not so noble Warchief Garrosh. Related, Garrosh Heirlooms will receive an eight point item level boost to reflect the coming changes. Additionally, Deeds of Valor are being introduced on the Timeless Isle. They’ll run you 3,000 coins, but will net you 100 valor in exchange. You won’t be able to go over the valor cap with these, but they’ll be another option for those looking to gather valor on the regular. Given the additional upgrade levels being introduced, it’s fair to assume everyone will need more valor. No


The World of Warcraft Artcraft series continues, with female Night Elves as this week’s subject. Chris Robinson and crew once more discuss the processes with which the races are updated, talking in detail about the task of improving the model while remaining faithful to her origins. I’m personally excited as someone who has played a female Night Elf for periods of time. In particular, the face looks a lot cleaner. The mouth appears to have been made slightly smaller and more realistic in portion. Additionally, the eyes appear a lot more refined. Hair has seen vast improvements on all of the races highlighted thus far, and this is no exception. How do you feel the female Night Elf stacks up against the other races highlighted in past Artcrafts? Hello, and welcome to Artcraft! I’m Chris Robinson, senior art director on World of Warcraft, and in today’s edition we’re going to give you

We’re now some nine years and change into the World of Warcraft narrative, and to say some of it’s characters are storied is to do them an injustice. Quite a few of them have been around since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos in 2002, some longer. That’s a crazy amount of time. While a number of them have aged with grace and continue to make for compelling characters, others have long since outlived their usefulness and could honestly use a mercy killing of sorts. Here’s my personal list. WARNING: Spoilers for both World of Warcraft and the Walking Dead below! Thrall There’s no denying that Thrall was an awesome character back in the day. He was the orc who became a slave, the slave who became a warrior, the warrior that defied an Admiral, et cetera. Unfortunately, in recent days, Thrall appears to have lost his way. He’s the dude who

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