The “bad luck” soft cap on legendary loot was apparently lifted a week ago, according to Watcher. Previously, players would become a little more likely to receive a new legendary each time they failed to get one. After each legendary, it would be reset, and once players got their fourth one, it would stop applying completely. The legendary system has been one of the few areas for somewhat consistent Legion criticism. The complex mix of many issues, including DPS/HPS vs. utility, drop rate, and player value based on who has them has sparked numerous conversations, including a recent statement by Exorsus. In short: The legendary reward system was designed to provide an infrequent, surprise bonus to most max-level activities Its randomness was a contrast to the “transparent and omnipresent” Artifact power and gearing rewards The legendary drop rate was designed to be stingy at first, so as to avoid lucky people having too

In 7.1’s latest hotfixes, Legendary items receive the 15 ilevel boost, Trial of Valor loot increases by 5 ilevels, and many PvP changes will begin to affect players today.


Design Retrospective: Demon Hunters

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In this short Design Retrospective series, we’ll dissect the the BlizzCon 2016 Design Retrospective panel. Today, we take a deeper look at the development of the Demon Hunter class alongside senior game designer Jonathan LeCraft. When the team finally got word that Demon Hunters were actually happening, they wasted no time digging in. The last real bite anyone has had of them was Burning Crusade, so in only three days, they had a somewhat-working version ready in an internal build. The early build let users create their Demon Hunter in the character creator and had just a couple skills. Since one of Legion‘s focuses was class fantasy, they kept the skill kit limited while they iterated–working with only enough active abilities to fit the standard hotbar. Eyebeam At first, the idea of shooting laser beams out of a character’s head was more of a joke (looking at you, Hozen Idol)–but no one

In this short Design Retrospective series, we’ll dissect the the BlizzCon 2016 Design Retrospective panel. Today, we take a deeper look at the creation of the first zone players ever set foot in with the expansion–the Broken Shore–with senior game designer Jeremy Feasel The Broken Shore–to disambiguate it from the Broken Isles–consists only of that first zone we took on in the pre-patch content. Until now, it has stood vacantly in the shadow of Dalaran, lathered in fel goo, with the Tomb of Sargeras looming on the northern shore. Back to the Roots When the team started to develop the Broken Shore, they used two references for how the zone would turn out. First, they looked at the Tomb of Sargeras and surrounding area in Warcraft III. The Broken Shore portion of the isles was once submerged into the ocean, but was raised by Gul’dan in order to get to the tomb.


World of Warcraft Q&A Panel Recap

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Below, we’ve summarized and paraphrased the developer discussion with players during this BlizzCon’s World of Warcraft question and answer session. Art and Design Are other racial mounts up for updates sometime soon? A: We will updated racial mounts when it makes sense, since there are many other things to work on at a given time. Legion updated kodos because Tauren use them extensively in Highmountain. Will you ever update old armor sets, like vanilla sets? A: Unlikely. We prefer not to go back and redo old content a lot because the players are often split on which was the better version. We tend to prefer the conservative approach so as not to alienate players. We do often take inspiration from old sets and launch similar, updated sets in current content. For instance, the armor tier for 7.2’s Tomb of Sargeras raid is heavily influenced by the tier 6 armor sets from Black

With 7,2, there’s going to be even more to do (and grind) with Artifacts. New appearances for each class and spec, new questing content for each Artifact, and new traits and catch-up mechanics will give old and news players something to do. New Artifact Appearances Appearances which have already pretty much been datamined were revealed in all their artistic glory today. Coming in 7.2, players can unlock them by completing challenging solo content. You’ll recall that each class already has an appearance tied to PvP, upgrading the base appearance, a hidden appearance, one tied to group PvE content, and, of course, a base appearance. This brings total appearances for each spec to 6, in addition to all color variants. Artifact System Updates In 7.2, Artifacts will be updated with more bang for your buck, and generally become more alt-friendly and forgiving of players new with 7.2. All existing 3-point traits

In addition to new arenas and redone favorites, the new honor system, and more, 7.2 continues to add to Legion‘s PvP content. Today, Blizzard announced new Brawls, week-long events which shake up the rules of random Battlegrounds. Brawls allow Blizzard to test out new PvP instance rules, match, and game types Examples: Two fifteen-man raid groups fighting in arenas for chaotic, clearly-not-balanced madness Eye of the Storm: Gravity Lapse, causing gravity to behave strangely–like throwing everyone into the sky Return of the Southshore vs. Tarren Mill Battleground Winter Arathi Basin, with reduced visibility, updated art and effects, and frozen creeks Eye of the Horn: Eye of the Storm puts everyone on ram mounts that shoot players off into the Twisting Nether Insta-cap Warsong Gulch There are many other brawl ideas in queue, and the system is expandable in the future for more replayable, timeless content. Brawls that prove popular may be added as permanent Battleground

Continuing with the Legion 7.2 recap, we look at the new Tomb of Sargeras raid, the Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, and various Legion dungeon updates. Tomb of Sargeras The Tomb of Sargeras is a new 9-boss raid within the Legion-corrupted Elven edifice on the Broken Shore. Gul’dan originally unlocked the ancient wards that prevented the Legion from invading through this powerful tomb. Players must return and use the five Pillars of Creation* to shut the Legion out, buying mortals time in a much greater war across the cosmos. *The fifth pillar is the Eye of Aman’thul, which comes from the Nighthold raid last known to release around January 2017. The raid descends into four main sections, including (names tentative) a “dark cathedral” entrance, “flooded caverns” going into the Naga-filled depths, an “Elven wing” spared the brunt of Legion corruption, and the deepest chamber, where Aegywynn once defeated the Avatar of

In this first chunk of the massive content reveal for 7.2, we look at flying and class mounts, our return to the Broken Shore and all the world content that entails, and updates to the greater Broken Isles World Quests. Take Wing with Flying, Class Mounts In 7.2, players can look forward to the final part of the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement meta. It will require all of the previous part’s achievements, plus exploring and finishing the majority of 7.2 content. Like the Draenor equivalent, it will unlock Broken Isles flying across all characters on an account. 7.2 will also feature a unique mount for each class. These seem to be unlocked by finishing your class’s order hall campaign, all of which can fly: Return to the Broken Shore In 7.2, players will return to the site of the Alliance and Horde’s great loss in the face of the Legion, the

In addition to many other changes, 7.1.5 will be Blizzard’s first “class update” patch for the expansion. While previous hotfixes and patch releases for 7.0 have included tuning and tweaks, 7.1.5 will focus on: Improving talent choice diversity Talents that all players use may be turned into baseline abilities and replaced Talents which are hardly chosen will be tuned, updated, or replaced Improving “the feel” of class rotations Secondary stats–will adjust the balance between competing ilevel with the overvalued secondary stats so new gear feels like more of an improvement and reward Returning utility to some classes and specs Now that the major pruning of the expansion is over, the team can look back and spot what could be re-implemented, as well as completely new utility abilities Traps will return to all Hunter specs, although Beast Mastery will remain the king of traps Shroud of Concealment added value to Rogues

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