Illidan is a notorious PVP server known for it’s imbalanced factions. The horde completely dominate, so much so that  it’s a staggering 1:32.6 ratio of alliance to horde. Just four days ago, Reddit user void_moon created a topic that to some seemed insane. He wanted to create a guild on one of  the most poorly balanced servers in the wow community and fight back the horde. In his mission void moon described his dreams of fostering a real sense of community that in some of the larger servers is non existent. By being small, players might actually begin to feel big, and interacting within the world might be more rewarding for players because they can see familiar faces and enemies. These new bloodthirsty mongrels would be the Masochists. This last Thursday saw the level 0 guild with a healthy 50 players, and on Friday the guild’s population more-than quadrupled to a staggering 243. On

Class homogenization is something that has been talked about for awhile in the WoW community. In the beginning of WoW, all of the classes were quite distinct from one another, which often resulted in a very unbalanced dynamic between the classes. Rogues had ridiculous crowd control chains, and paladins liked to auto-attack for a majority of their time. Four expansions later in Mists of Pandaria, many of the classes have so many abilities and similar crowd control abilities that things feel bloated and often unnecessary. In the case of the Hunter class, each specialization does not truly feel different. There are a few different spammable spells between each Marksmanship and Survival, while Beast Master hunters feel a tiny bit more different in that they rely on passive damage and the intricacies of exotic pet abilities.  Blizzard acknowledges this lack of distinction, but now the question is this: what is Blizzard


Five Unique Places to PVP in Pandaria

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Pandaria has had its fair share of World PVP attempts. Many of these efforts have been fun while they lasted, and some, like the Timeless Isle, are still quite popular. But if you are like me, you have grown tired of the green saturated Timeless Isle and the countless mobs. Not to mention the betrayal of your own faction might have become less than appealing a few months back. Check out these places for some unique environments, and some great PVP action. 1. Tavern of the Veiled Mists – Tavern of the Veiled mists is nestled between the Jade Forest and Vale of Eternal Bosoms. The scenery is hilly and there are many paths that you can use to travel around this area. Mists cover the small picturesque zone and provide for a real sense of mystery and intrigue. Inside the small cranny is a Pandaren hut, where Wrathion lives inside.


What is the Future of World PVP?

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World PVP in Azeroth has a complex identity. In terms of large-scale World PVP, it has existed as a lag-filled dilemma where players simply spam AOE spells. Yet small scale World PVP has definitely succeeded in Pandaria and significantly increased with the implementation of cross-realm zones. Some may say that the servers weren’t meant to handle large scale wars, and they are right. Once battlegrounds and arenas came, the world PVP inside the world of Azeroth was hit by the instant gratification and gear-getting success that these types of instanced PVP brought. Even when zone design offered PVP objectives meant to draw players back into world PVP, players stuck with battlegrounds; instead of fighting inside the giant mushroom-filled region in Zangarmarsh or the the grassy Grizzly Hills, players stole flags and took them back to their bases, or  controlled nodes in maps like Eye of the Storm.  Each step Blizzard