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7.1 Hotfixes: 15 November 2016

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A few more hotfixes roll out today that were not included in yesterday’s blog post, the largest impacting PvP rewards.


Legion Post-BlizzCon Developer Q&A

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Hi guys! Ktjn here, this is a first pass summarization of the Dev Q&A on 11/11/16 with Ion Hazzikostas. I’ll clean it up as the day goes on, but wanted to get summary out to you ASAP!! Was Karazhan as a 5man raid considered successful? We found it successful— it is reminiscent of the original instance in addition to posessing mind-blowing new encounters. We would love to continue doing these types of this, but also focus building on where they fit story-wise. We would love to do this type of instance again. How do you feel about the lengthy runbacks in Karahan? We’re looking to make some tweaks. there are shorter routes once you beat the opera but people tend to naturally retrace their steps. We tend to time runbacks, around 90 seconds is ok, but that’s the high end for ok. If they’re longer, we look for checkpoints and


Legion Hotfixes: 12 October 2016

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The biggest take away from today’s hotfixes is item rewards from emissary caches will now match the quality of World Quest rewards. For example, if your World Quests reward 830+ gear, you should be seeing items of similar level.



Legion Hotfixes: 5 October 2016

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 Reputation will not be made account-wide, no, but we will be easing a couple of linked features with 7.1. First, Court of Stars and The Arcway will now unlock account-wide once each individual dungeon is completed once on an account. Second, World Quests will no longer have the “friendly” reputation unlock requirement for secondary/alt characters. Once you hit 110 on an alt, you will immediately receive a quest to speak with Khadgar to receive your Flight Master’s Whistle and unlock World Quests, as long as you’ve already unlocked World Quests on your main. Hope this answers your concerns! 🙂

When first announced, Raid Finder difficulty for Emerald Nightmare was scheduled to release a new wing every two weeks. This has been updated as of 4 October 2016 to release the remaining wings a week earlier than previously stated. Wing three appears to be two weeks after wing two, which could be a typo. We will keep this post updated with any further changes to the schedule. Previously the release schedule was as follows:


Legion Hotfixes: 3 October 2016

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Friday’s hotfixes can be found below:


Legion Hotfixes: 28 September 2016

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