If you are tired of queuing for the new Warlords of Draenor heroics, only to have the tank and/or healer leave after picking up the quest item for the Garrison Lunarfall Inn or Frostwall Tavern, you are in luck.  Blizzard is hotfixing these quests to also require the player to kill the final boss in the instance, in addition to picking up the quest item. We’re aware of this behavior and have been working on a hotfix that’s currently being tested to address this. To encourage players to stick around, quests received from the Garrison Inn will receive an additional condition to defeat the final boss of the instance. It has been a major problem this expansion where DPS will sit in queue, sometimes for more than an hour, only to see the tank or healer leave after picking up the required Inn quest item.  Then they are stuck waiting

Ever since Blizzard introduced an anti-exploit mechanic that would nerf XP from mobs that people tend to grind – and exploit – for XP, there have been problems for players who would get caught in the cross-fire while leveling.  Icecrown mobs in particular seemed to have been hit hard, resulting in leveling players seeing their mob XP drop to only 10% while questing. Blizzard has announced that something went awry in the algorithm and they are pulling back on the nerfing mechanic. This isn’t intended to be an “anti-grind” mechanic. It’s intended to be an “anti-exploit” mechanic that programmatically addresses power-leveling abuses, with the aim of letting us reward legitimate players more generously. In the past, we’ve often had little choice but to drastically reduce the experience awarded by certain respawning bosses or enemies that are locked in combat with other NPCs, because otherwise they’d be abused. That always felt

Do you still have a stockpile of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune? If so, you are in luck because Blizzard has finally given us another way to get rid of them. With Blizzard dropping valor points, item upgrades will be done with lesser charms instead, and the only limit on upgrades will be based upon how many lesser charms you have. Unfortunately, lesser charms are not BOA, so you need to collect them on the toon you want the upgrades on. It is tentatively 50 charms per upgrade, although this could change by 6.0. This is good news for everyone who still has a stockpile of lesser charms and nothing to do with them! Players will also be able to do unlimited weekly quests for Warforged Seals, which give bonus rolls for Siege or Orgrimmar bosses. So again, as long as you have enough lesser charms, you can have a

If you need to level a profession in Warlords, it will be a lot easier to do so. According to Elvine, every profession will have a “catch up” recipe to level. Confirmed, all #Warlords profession recipes will have (1) skill level requirements as a "catch up" mechanic. #WoW — Elvine (@Elvinelol) August 30, 2014 We have seen this type of mechanic added for herbalism, where you could pick a Pandaria node and it would award a “petal” as well as a potential skillup point. Blacksmithing also saw “Training Projects” added. It would require current expansion mats, but it would potentially cost more money to do it this way than with old mats traditionally leveling. It would appear it is a similar idea in Mists of Draenor. For Alchemy, there is a Recipe: Crescent Oil that only requires level one Alchemy to create Crescent Oil from 3 Crescent Saberfish Flesh, which can be

When hitting the first tier of progression raiding for top end raiding guilds – the plan of attack is usually to get as many crafted epics on your raid as possible, usually paying exorbitant amounts doing so.  And when you get around to leveling up alts, crafted gear is a quick way to bump up your ilevel to meet LFR (or what will be known as Flex in Warlords). But Blizzard has definitely thrown a wrench into the plan by making crafted epics unique equipped to only 3 “Warlords crafted” items.  Many of the items are also currently listed as “Bind on Pickup”, which means only those toons with the appropriate profession will be able to craft and wear them. Here are some examples of crafted gear with the "Unique-Equipped: #Warlords Crafted (3)" #WoW #Professions — Elvine (@Elvinelol) August 30, 2014 Of course, it is still in beta, and

If you had plans for using your Garrison mine as a non-stop supply of ore to be prospected for the Auction House, you will be out of luck.  The ore in Draenor will not be prospectable by jewelcrafters. Confirmed, No new "Ore Shuffle" in #Warlords. New ore will NOT be prospectable. #WoW #GoldMaking #Professions #Jewelcrafting — Elvine (@Elvinelol) August 30, 2014 While the ore has not been noted as being prospectable, many assumed it was just beta and hadn’t been enabled yet.  Instead jewelcrafters will have to obtain their gems from Garrison workorders and a daily cooldown which is created by combining Taladite Crystal with specific herbs depending on the cut. Taladite Crystals, ONLY uncut gem used for ALL gems cuts obtained via daily cooldown & garrison work order. #Warlords — Elvine (@Elvinelol) August 30, 2014 This will also cut into the profits of those who play the auction

Blizzard has opened up free character transfers for players on the EU Outland server.   Players on Outland can server transfer for free to either Karazhan or Grim Batol.  It is open to both Alliance and Horde characters, as the goal is to move players off a busy realm, not balance factions across a battlegroup. This particular window for server transfers is very short, ending on Tuesday, September 2nd, and as always, Blizzard can close it prior to the 2nd.  However, there are no free guild transfers, so if you are looking to move a guild, you will need to pay for a guild transfer. Please be aware that, due to the unpredictable nature of free transfers, we may close down any Free Character Migrations at any time and without warning if the target realm becomes full. If you plan to move with friends or your guild, we suggest that


Will We See a Karazhan Raid Refresh?

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The Karazhan raid has always been one of the most popular raids from a story line and aesthetic point of view.   It had some very unique fights, like the love-it-or-hate-it Chess fight, and the Opera Event.  The layout was phenomenal. Nowadays, players generally only venture into Karazhan to kill the first boss for an attempt at the mount, to grind up some Violet Eye rep, or to pick up old tier for transmog.    But it has been long requested as one of the raids that could use a refresh to make it playable for at-level content.  And with word that Molten Core was getting an at-level refresh for this year’s World of Warcraft tenth anniversary, the desire to see Karashan updated has picked up again. At Gamescom, Blizzard revealed that they have considered updating Karazhan, but one of the problems is that it was created as a ten

With the latest round of build notes comes some interesting changes with regards to cooking.  Many new recipes were added in the build, but most noticeable is the fact all new recipes for Warlords of Draenor cooking state that it is “a recipe for 4 servings” and even more interesting “actual number of servings will vary based on cooking skill.” Everyone agrees that leveling cooking in Mists of Pandaria was a pain.  With regular cooking skill required to level to 600 PLUS six different “Ways of the ____” to level to 600, it meant a lot of time fishing, killing and farming in order to have the mats to level and the Ironpaw tokens for mats. Another downside to the “way” cooking is raiders were forced to choose the “Way” that gave them 300 stat food, rather than choosing a way that was most convenient.  And the road to creating 300

Some huge news, especially for those who like to play the Auction House, when 6.0 hits, it will bring a merged faction Auction House.  This means BOTH Horde and Alliance will be sharing the same Auction House. This will also make it much easier for players who play on the smaller faction on a server when they are trying to buy things such as crafting mats, BOEs, toys and mounts.   When there are fewer players on a faction, it can be extremely pricey to purchase items, if you can find them at all.  It will also help those smaller unmerged servers with smaller volume on the Auction House as well. On the downside, if you are actively earning gold from the Auction House or are a high seller of glyphs, enchants as well as raw mats, you will suddenly have double the competition overnight, meaning AH wars will be

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