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What was your new years resolution? Was it to shed a few pounds? Gain some rock hard abs? Or just to try something new? The toybox has just the place to look for help. Let's look into the lost reliquary and see what we need to search for. It is sure to provide al sorts of magical remedies to help your new you quest.

You looking for something special? Got that new 100 that you want to stand out? Perhaps you want to disappear from sight? Never mind that shoddy looking oil lamp. What you need is a true treasure. Not sure where to start? Come with me, and I will show you some great items that will make your adventures that much grander. Join us weekly as we scour the lands of Azeroth and beyond for those special items. I, BLU3 the Relic Hunter, will be your guide to these mysterious items. Welcome to the Relic Hunter’s Toybox. With the relocation of the broken Isles, we are diving deep into legends and rumors to find some of the greatest items for the Relic Hunter’s Toybox. What previously lost items are now within our reaches? What items have been transformed by the energies of legion to provide us with an ever expanding list of

With the discovery of the Broken Isles, we dive into the rumors of lost relics. What great new items will we find for the Relic Hunter's Toybox.

Looks like it is time to prepare for the toybox to relocate. A relic hunter goes where he can find the most exotic finds. With the rediscovery of the broken isles, it looks to be the new hot spot. We won’t be going it alone. Me and many of my druid brethren will also be making the move. I have been studying up on the druids and what all amazing resources we will have available to us. I will gladly share this info to make your move that much smoother.

To more understand the artifact system we take a close look at Ulthalesh, Deadwind Harvester. How does it function, what can we expect as we progress through Legion.

All murloc aficionados can rejoice. Terky has been discovered in an underwater cave off the coast of Borean Tundra. This pet was formally only available through an iCoke promotion. If you want to get this pet might as well get in line. It seems to have a nearly instant respawn time. So everyone has gathered for the chance to try and click theWhite Murloc egg. So go ahead and dawn your scuba gear and join us as we bask in the mrgrglgrglory.

Welcome back! Sorry for the long hiatus. I meant to only close the shop to explore Tanaan Jungle for a short time. I knew there would be all sorts of great relics to unearth in this new opened region. I however didn't expect to get a severe case of jungle fever. My pitfalls can be your guide stones. Tanaan jungle is savage untamed land. You never know what you are going to find, or what will find you.


Relic Hunter’s Toybox: Orc Powah!!!

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Greetings, Pollywix here. Looks like poor Blu3 has been locked away with some kind of fever. Looks like that means it falls to little old me to rob... uh erm, run the Relic Hunter's Toybox. Now if only I could find the spare key for the gate.

Ever wanted to get ahead in World of Warcraft?  Not wanting to bother to do the work yourself?  That is where bot programs come in. They offer to do tasks such as mining, herb gathering, farming honor, and other such things. This allows you to find that perfect cat video to make your friends laugh. The player base has said that they don’t feel this is a fair practice, especially when it makes it harder for legit players to do the same tasks. In fact they are correct, and it is a violation of the terms of use. Blizzard has stepped up in support of the “real players.”


World of Warcraft April events

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So you won’t be the next April fool and miss out, Blizzard has released the event calendar for April. It is bursting with great events. We got the holidays happening with Noblegarden, Darkmoon faire, and even the Children’s Week. If you are looking for something more low key, maybe you want to check out the fishing derby, or one of the many esport competitions. To top it all off they will have Blizzcon tickets go on sale. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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