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WoW: Battle for Azeroth Dungeons, Raids Preview, BlizzCon 2017

by - 1 year ago

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will feature 10 dungeons at launch, as well as 2 raids to open at later dates. These dungeons will continue in the tradition of the Mythic Keystone system, which will be updated to drop keys that can be used in any dungeon.

Each faction will have separate level-up dungeons, but all players will be able to play all dungeons once they hit max level (120).

Warning: This post will contain many spoilers–you have been warned!

A tentative list of dungeons includes:

  • Freehold (Alliance–previewed below)
  • Atal’Dazar (Horde–previewed below)
  • Tol Dagor
  • Waycrest Manor
  • Shrine of the Storm
  • Siege of Boralus
  • Temple of Sethraliss
  • The Underrot
  • Kings’ Rest
  • Kezan


Freehold is based in Tiragarde Sound, part of the Alliance continent of Kul’tiras. Its theme is pirates, booty, and that classic nautical vibe.


Atal’Dazar is based in Zuldazar, capital of Zandalar and the Zandalari trolls.  Described as the “golden tomb of Zandalari kings,” this gleaming, breathtaking monument features trolls, dinosaurs, and Undead of each.


Not much is available yet on raids, but Ion highlighted the two planned to open near launch: Uldir, Halls of Control, and another, unnamed raid that will feature Queen Azshara.

Uldir was designed by the Titans as a quarantine zone for Old God-related creatures and magic. Unfortunately, their research went sour and the whole place had to be locked down. Now, players must delve into its depths to face the menaces inside

That wraps up the BlizzCon dungeons and raids preview of Battle for Azeroth, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Stay tuned for many more articles!

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