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WoW: Battle for Azeroth: New Battleground & Arenas, and 7.3.5 World PvP Updates

by - 2 years ago

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will add a new battleground, new arenas, and will remove the PvP and PvE server distinctions.

While we didn’t get any specifics on what form the new arenas will take, we know that they will be based in Tiragarde and Zuldazar. We also know that Blizzard intends on adding more special PvP instances to the PvP Brawl rotation started in Legion.

New Battleground: Seething Shrine

The new Seething Shrine battleground takes place on a narrow strip of barren desert on the coast of Silithus–a zone which will be extensively reworked throughout the end of Legion. It will be the first battleground to feature a new dynamic control point system to inspire group strategy and fast-paced gameplay. This battleground will be available for preview in 7.3.5.

The dynamic control points work like flags in traditional battlegrounds. They must be captured and controlled to gain points. In Seething Shrine, these points are called Azerite Infusions, and they can spawn randomly from dozens of locations over the map. Players will have to choose to push on a recently reached control point or, if another one spawns, split off to take another.

World PvP Updates, Server Type Removal

Players have been asking for a revamped and consistent world PvP experience for years. To address this, and to remove the strangeness of CRZing into a PvP or PvE realm when that’s not your realm type, Blizzard will remove server types (PvP & PvE).

Instead of choosing a PvE or PvP server and locking themselves into a playstyle they might not prefer down the line, players will now toggle a world PvP state. When they do, they will be phased into the same area, but with only other players who toggled the world PvP state on. (Currently, if you’re on a PvE server you can opt for a PvP state, but you will still be surrounded by unflagged players.)

Problems this addresses:

  • This appeals to PvE and PvP players, helping to relieve the frustration of choosing the wrong server and having to transfer, possibly losing friends, guilds, and other connections.
  • It helps avoid lopsided populations in PvP servers–presumably, players will all phase in and out of the same collection of PvP versions of the zones. (I would assume this means an even phasing of factions in a given PvP phasing.)
  • The change will also allow them to develop content catering to world PvP players, like bounty hunting missions, high-value target assassinations in enemy territory, and more in the future.
  • They also fielded the idea that completing World Quests while in world PvP would award a small, additional amount experience or other bonuses.

That wraps up the BlizzCon preview of world PvP updates and other PvP features for Battle for Azeroth, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Stay tuned for many more articles!

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