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For Azeroth Challenge Guide

by - 4 years ago

Calling all Warcraft mount collectors! Beginning February 14th at 10am PST through March 14 10am PST you can participate in a cross-franchise challenge by completing 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with a friend as any hero from the Warcraft universe and you will be handsomely rewarded with a Primal Flamesaber in WoW and Flames of Judgement Charger in Heroes. Here are some tips and tricks to make it through the event as quickly, and hopefully painlessly, as possible.

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Complete the tutorial: If you’ve never logged into Heroes of the Storm before, go ahead and complete the initial tutorial in order to learn how to move around in the game and using/selecting talents.

Find a friend: if you’re finding it difficult to track down buddies complete the challenge with, /join FORAZEROTH from the in-game chat in Heroes. There will be plenty of folks looking for others to team up with.

Get started: The quickest method will be Co-op Versus A.I. matches against beginner A.I.


Don’t forget you must queue with a WARCRAFT Hero! (Special note: your friend doesn’t have to be playing a Warcraft hero for you to get credit.) If you hit the ‘W’ icon at the top of the character select screen, it will highlight all of the Warcraft heroes over other franchise heroes to make things easier.

Here are some talent builds for the Free to Play heroes from the Warcraft universe.  Please bear in mind the following builds are geared toward zerg rushing AI matches and are not optimized for other modes of play.

  • Heroes with a * by their name are the most optimal for speed runs, but may require more skill and/or the willingness to lead the charge against the opposing team.

Malfurion: Plays similarly to a Druid from WoW. Use Innervate on someone whenever it is off cooldown, and after Level 16 try to stay above 80% health so you can use your abilities faster.

1: Shan’do’s Clarity

4: Versatile

7: Strangling Vines

10: Tranquility

13: Full Moonfire

16: Hardened Focus

20: Serenity

Sylvanas*****: Use Haunting Wave to disable closest structure, move into auto attack range of said structure, target something with Shadow Dagger, and then hold down Q. Rinse and repeat until the core dies.

1: Overflowing Quiver

4: Withering Fire

7: Barbed Shot

10: Wailing Arrow

13: Life Drain

16: Cold Embrace

20: Fury of the Storm

Greymane*: Worgen form does more damage, so try to fight as Worgen whenever possible. When necessary, auto-attack from a distance as human. Try to maximize uptime of Inner Beast by using it as you first engage the minion waves. And try to avoid dying after Level 7 as it will reduce the benefit of Wizened Duelist.

1: Wolfheart

4: Insatiable

7: Wizened Duelist

10: Go for the Throat

13: On the Prowl

16: Eager Wolf

20: Tooth and Claw

Rexxar (unlocked after reaching Account Level 5): Rexxar is fairly difficult to play, or to at least play well. To help with that, this build focuses on Spirit Swoop (Q). The game play is simple: auto-attack from range and use Spirit Swoop on as many enemies as possible. Don’t try to micro-manage Misha; just let her auto-attack on her own and heal her with (E) as needed. It’s okay for Misha to die as long as Rexxar stays alive.

1: Bird of Prey

4: Animal Husbandry

7: Taking Flight

10: Bestial Wrath

13: Aspect of the Hawk

16: Primal Intimidation

20: Frenzy of Kalimdor

Varian* (unlocked after reaching Account Level 7): This Varian build plays similar to a traditional Arms Warrior in WoW. Try to hit as many enemy Heroes as possible with Lion’s Fang. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you should be able to solo bosses and minion camps after level 10.

1: Lion’s Maw

4: Warbringer

7: Second Wind

10: Twin Blades of Fury

13: Juggernaut

16: Banner of Ironforge

20: Frenzy

Uther (unlocked after reaching Account Level 12): Get up in the fight and hit people with your marshmallow hammer. You also want to be near as many enemies as possible when you use your Heroic (R). Uther has very long cooldowns on his heals, so focus on hitting as many allies as possible with Holy Radiance.

1: Wave of Light

4: Boundless Conviction

7: Holy Fire

10: Divine Storm

13: Spell Shield

16: Gathering Radiance

20: Divine Hurricane

Full list of Warcraft Heroes to choose from:

Anub’arak Arthas Brightwing Chen
Cho’gall Chromie E.T.C. Falstad
Gazlowe Greymane Gul’dan Illidan
Jaina Kael’thas Lili Lunara
Malfurion Medivh Muradin Murky
Ragnaros Rehgar Rexxar Samuro
Stitches Sylvanas Thrall Tyrande
Uther Valeera Varian Zul’jin


Currently there are twelve maps in the game. Objectives vary greatly from map to map, and some do not have a definite “rush X lane” strategy, but most strategies will revolve around empowering a boss and pushing toward the core with them. Since the goal is to win quickly, you will often find yourself and your team ignoring Mercenary Camps or soaking minion lanes for XP in favor of rushing the core.That being said, once the timers activate, focus on completing map objectives, and returning to your lane to push the Core.

An additional word of advice: if your team has made it to the core and are low on health after wiping the enemy team early in the game, it would be best to retreat/hearth and heal/replenish mana before making the final push instead of risking a team wipe at the enemy core. The following strats are directed at full teams who are likely communicating in voice or chat. If you are in a group of two, it is best to follow the flow of the group, which may make different choices than highlighted in the notes below. Embrace the deathball, instead of fighting against it for the sake of strategy.

Haunted Mines

Choose top or bottom lane to push as a team. When the mines becomes active, kill the undead in the mines and collect skulls to strengthen your golem; there are a total of 100 skulls, 30 of which spawn from the Boss in the mine. If you’re losing to the enemy over capturing the boss, abandon the mines and take a Mercenary Camp instead. Once the golems spawn upstairs, push the lane with your golem, regardless of its strength, ignoring your enemies and their golem.

Towers of Doom

This map doesn’t have lanes that can be pushed and will take a bit more team coordination. Focus on maintaining control of your enemies’ bell towers, because once you destroy the tower, it becomes yours. DO NOT attempt to enter the enemy’s Kill Zone once capturing a tower, or you will be incinerated; move on to the next tower instead. If you control all three enemy towers your core will fire shots at the enemy core til control is lost or the core is defeated, but don’t solely count on this strategy. It is more important to capture the altars that periodically spawn, as this allows your core to fire one shot per tower you control at the enemy core. Thus, it is important to defend your towers in addition to capturing enemy towers to deal additional damage.

Infernal Shrines

Pick the center lane and push as a team until a shrine activates in a random lane. Immediately move to that shrine to capture it by killing skeletons. Push that lane with your Punisher towards the core. It’s possible to win this one within one Punisher phase. If a second spawns, move to its lane to capture and then return to your lane to keep pushing toward the core, forcing the enemy team to choose between defending against your team’s or the Punisher’s advances.

Battlefield of Eternity

Pick either top or bottom lane to push, then move to the center when the immortals spawn. Try to inflict as much damage to the enemy’s Immortal while defending your own. The Immortal with the most health will spawn into the lane that is least advanced, so it may be favorable to split the team and push each lane equally then push a single lane with your Immortal. You should be able to push the Core with the first Immortal, but if not, rinse and repeat until GG.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Push top lane so that you can secure the Boss once it spawns. Periodically turn in gems. If you’re close to activating the Spider Queen’s forces, defeat the boss first, then push with both the spiders and Boss toward the Core.

Sky Temple

There are two ways to approach this map. Pushing center will allow you to quickly move to the temples and defeat the guardians, which will allow the temples to fire on the enemy forts and the core. Two temples spawn at a time. Alternatively, you can push bottom and move to center if the temple activates for additional leverage, then capture the Boss once it spawns and continue to push the bottom lane to the core.

Garden of Terror

This map has a night and day phase. During the day, push the center lane; once it enters the night phase, move to the terrors between the lanes to collect 100 seeds to activate your teams’ Garden Terror. The bigger the terror, the more seeds they drop. Clear one side then head to the other to cut off the enemy team’s collection efforts. Once the map returns to day phase, and the Terror is ready, one member of the team needs to head back to your base to jump in the Terror. The Terror acts like a vehicle and has unique abilities to disable enemies and towers. Continue to push center towards the Core, alternating day and night phases as needed.

Blackheart’s Bay

Go top and clear out around the Boss until chests spawn. Pick up as many coins as possible, mostly to prevent the enemy from bribing Blackheart. Once the Boss spawns, capture it and push for the Core. If you can collect coins to bribe Blackheart go for it (the number of coins you’ll need increases after each successful bribe), but note he will fire his cannons evenly at the enemy base structures, which may not help in the top lane at all. It is more important to prevent the enemy from turning coins in while you push for the Core. ProTip: killing a hero forces them to drop any coins they’re carrying.

Dragon Shrine

Push the center lane until the shrines spawn, one top and one bottom. Your team must control both shrines to activate the dragon statue in the center of the map in the center lane. Be sure to leave one team member at each shrine to maintain control while the others head back to the Dragon statue to hold off the enemy team. With both shrines in your team’s control, one player can jump into the statue which operates like a vehicle with unique abilities. Once someone is in the Dragon, continue to push the center lane toward the Core.

Cursed Hollow

Picking top or bottom lane gives you access to a Boss, but leaves you vulnerable to reaching one of the six randomly spawned tributes more slowly if it appears on the opposite side of the map. If you want to push center so you can maneuver more quickly to the tributes, it will result in a slower match, but it’s better to deny tributes to the enemy team, and the curse will let you push lanes in pretty deeply even if you don’t have the boss.

Braxis Holdout

The objective of this two lane map is to control two control points in order to spawn a massive wave of Zerg forces. Once this Zerg wave spawns, push with your wave. Don’t worry about defending against theirs, this is a waste of time. It doesn’t matter how far their wave pushes as long as your wave pushes farther. ProTip: If you’re in the mood for a challenge, Rexxar can be quite strong on this map as you can use Misha to control the point.

Warhead Junction

This large, three lane map centers gathering nukes that will periodically spawn. This Nukes do massive damage and should be used on structures. Once you pick up a nuke you can target and launch it by pressing (F). You will notice when aiming your nuke that there is a small circle in the middle of the target display. Targets within this small circle take increased damage so aim accordingly. Don’t waste nukes on targets that you are going to kill anyway. If you have a fort at 20% and all five of your teammates are there, don’t bother nuking it. Just destroy it the old-fashioned way and save the nuke for a better target. ProTip: You can only carry one nuke at a time, so always find a target to use your nuke on so that you can deny nukes to the enemy team.

Huge shout out to our own Alebeard for his wealth of knowledge about Heroes of the Storm and for putting together the hero builds in this guide. And good luck in the Nexus!

Samantha Cruse