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Arcane Analysis Episode 05: Dungeons

by - 1 year ago

This week Ally, Katie, and Sam dip in to dungeons. From leveling to end-game, bridging gear gaps to the experiences before and after the introduction of group finder. The gals discuss the evolution of the role of dungeon loot being a stepping stone to raiding to providing their own unique challenges and rewards becoming comparable or superior to raid gear.

The show will be prerecorded every Tuesday, and made available Wednesday. You can listen here or find us on Stitcher,  iTunes, or Google Play. If you have any questions for the show, email us at ArcAna@blizzpro.com, or you can find us on Twitter: @ArcaneAnalysis@Phaerixia, @Allayva, and @Ktjnwow.

Samantha Cruse