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Blizzard Wins German Lawsuit

by - 1 year ago

A German WoW fansite, Mein-MMO, is reporting that Blizzard recently won a victory against a major producer of automation (botting) software used in their games.

On January 12th the German Supreme Court ruled that the “distribution and sale of WoW bot [redacted] in Germany is anticompetitive”, overturning an earlier ruling by a lower court.

Shortly after the ruling was announced the producer stated publicly that this would not be the end of their software and they will continue to offer their products around the world, just not in Germany. In an additional step to recoup some of their lost revenue from several years of legal battles and no longer being able to offer their services to an entire country the producer announced that any “lifetime” license keys for their product would be changed to two-year keys and players would have to purchase additional licensing to use updated versions of the software.

While the statement by the producer makes it readily apparent that they have no intention of stopping what they are doing, it does demonstrate that Blizzard takes botting seriously and is working to get them shut down.

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Timothy Prine