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Bang the Gong – Call of the Scarab Micro-Holiday

by - 1 year ago

January 21st starts the first new Micro-holiday introduced in last week’s Patch 7.1.5: Call of the Scarab.

Celebrating the anniversary of the ringing of the Scarab Gong, Call of the Scarab hearkens back to a simpler time in World of Warcraft prior to the opening of the gates of Ahn’Qiraj.

Much like the original event to open the gates, players gather supplies and slay the Twilight and Qiraji forces to gain status and earn commendations with their faction. At the end of the event the faction with the most commendations earned will fly their banners next to the gong used to open the gates until the next holiday.

At BlizzCon it was stated that the goal for this reward would be earned region-wide to combat server imbalance issues so be sure to join the fray and help your faction triumph!

Timothy Prine