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Arcane Analysis Episode 02: Legendaries

by - 1 year ago

Welcome to Arcane Analysis, a podcast focused on all things related to World of Warcraft! Each week your hosts Sam, Ally, and Katie will discuss the finer points of raiding, pvp, current esports events, and the game’s ever-evolving design.

On episode 2, the girls dive into the allure and history of legendaries in WoW, some failings in Legion with throughput vs utility legendaries, changes in Patch 7.1.5 to bring the disparities more inline, and make suggestions on how to keep the fun alive alongside the power.

The show will be prerecorded every Tuesday, and made available Wednesday. You can listen here or find us on Stitcher,  iTunes, or Google Play. If you have any questions for the show, email us at ArcAna@blizzpro.com, or you can find us on Twitter: @ArcaneAnalysis@Phaerixia, @Allayva, and @Ktjnwow.

Samantha Cruse