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Third Annual Icecrown Challenge

by - 2 years ago

While Blizzard is raising funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation through sales of the new Mischief Fel-Kitten pet, the Warcraft community is taking on another fundraising challenge for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Beginning its third year on December 13th 2016 and running through January 14th 2017, the Icecrown Challenge is an event organized and supported by the community itself rather than Blizzard employees. The challenge is simple but can have a huge impact, raising almost $2500 last year. Players are encouraged to participate in their own way and to the extent that their budget allows, but the most common way is fairly simple:

  1. Select your raid difficulty – Normal/Heroic and 10/25 Players (remember, this raid doesn’t flex like current ones do so the maximum number of players is 25) and complete the raid. Start your timer when you enter the instance and stop when you’re able to loot the Lich King.
  2. Visit the Icecrown Challenge Donor Page and make a donation equal to the time it took you to complete the instance (ie if it took you 21 minutes and 34 seconds you would donate $21.34.
    1. Some people take this number and multiply it by the number of players they had in the instance, others stream their runs and multiply it by the number of viewers. It’s really up to you how you choose to participate!
  3. Challenge your friends!

There are also donation incentives from community members such as Faebelina, Skog Designs, and Frenone. Along with those giveaways Arcane Ratsel, everyone’s favorite Warlock-hating mage, has a bonus “Warlock-related punishment” if the $3,000 goal is met.

Additional details are available in the graphic below or you can hit up any of the organizers on Twitter for more information:



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Timothy Prine