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7.2: New Artifact Appearances, Traits, Content Incoming

by - 2 years ago


With 7,2, there’s going to be even more to do (and grind) with Artifacts. New appearances for each class and spec, new questing content for each Artifact, and new traits and catch-up mechanics will give old and news players something to do.

New Artifact Appearances

Appearances which have already pretty much been datamined were revealed in all their artistic glory today. Coming in 7.2, players can unlock them by completing challenging solo content. You’ll recall that each class already has an appearance tied to PvP, upgrading the base appearance, a hidden appearance, one tied to group PvE content, and, of course, a base appearance. This brings total appearances for each spec to 6, in addition to all color variants.

Artifact System Updates

In 7.2, Artifacts will be updated with more bang for your buck, and generally become more alt-friendly and forgiving of players new with 7.2.

  • All existing 3-point traits will allow a fourth hard point to be invested
  • New traits will be released
  • Fourth relic slots will be unlocked
  • Old Artifact Knowledge levels can be purchased with Order Hall Resources (and no cooldown)


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