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Patch 7.1 Release Date

by - 2 years ago

The World of Warcraft team had another community Q&A session today hosted by Josh ‘Lore’ Allen and featured newly minted Game Director Ion ‘Watcher’ Hazzikostas.

While there was a lot of information discussed during the session, one of the major announcements was that Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan is currently planned to be released to Live realms on Tuesday October 25th.

The two main features being released as a part of this patch are a new 5-player Mythic dungeon in Karazhan (hence the name of the patch) and a new mini-raid: Trial of Valor. This raid is intended to wrap up the storyline players experienced in Stormheim.

Other items of note in this patch are minor quality of life improvements for players such as a Blood of Sargeras trader for crafting reagents which can be sold or traded, new World Quests, and the removal of reputation requirements for World Quests, the Arcway, and the Court of Stars Mythic Dungeons if a player has already unlocked them on one character.

The raid in Suramar, Nighthold, is not included as a part of this patch. It sounds like we’ve still got a month or two before that raid will be unleashed upon the players but there will be storyline quests leading into the opening of that raid as it draws closer.

As always once we get the full patch notes we’ll be sure to bring them to you as soon as possible!

Timothy Prine