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The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race

by - 2 years ago

Blizzard and Tespa have announced a new electronic competition for World of Warcraft players currently in college: The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race.

Beginning November 7th players will compete in a grueling six-week challenge to earn a share of $20,000 in scholarship money. The caveat this time around is that players won’t be directly competing against other players. They’ll be racing the clock against some of the most difficult dungeon content Blizzard has to offer through the use of the new Mythic-plus keystone system for Legion dungeons.

To put all players on an even footing, participants in the race will compete on specific event realms where they will choose their preferred classes from premade templates with fixed item sets and artifact levels. As the event progresses the dungeon difficulty will increase until only one team remains standing and is named the champion.

For more information about the event including how to participate Blizzard’s got the full announcement here on the World of Warcraft Community Site or we’ve provided it below.

Best of luck to anyone who decides to compete!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

On November 7, we’ll be starting a six-week crusade of World of Warcraft ® Mythic Keystone dungeon races between teams competing for a share of $20,000 in scholarship prizing! Are there adventurers on your campus who have what it takes to destroy the Burning Legion? Sign up now and start assembling your party!

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More Information

Group dungeons and the teamwork they involve are centerpieces of World of Warcraft. And with the Mythic Keystone system introduced in Legion™, players are encouraged to gather up four of their friends and take on even greater challenges! With each increasing level of Mythic difficulty, the health and damage of enemies increases, and at certain levels new modifiers are introduced that will require players to adapt, evolve, and work together to succeed.

The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race begins on October 28 and will conclude on December 4. All races will take place on the World of Warcraft event realms—players will choose their preferred classes from premade character templates with fixed item sets and Artifact levels. The tournament will play out across three separate phases at increasingly challenging Mythic levels in order to find the best adventurers Azeroth has to offer.

In Phase 1, each team will race through the same three Mythic Level 6 dungeons. One dungeon is assigned for three different preliminary rounds, and teams will have three full days to secure their best time for each dungeon. Those times will then be used to sort the teams into a bracket before they head into the playoffs.

The Phase 2 playoffs will pit teams against one another in single-elimination races through Mythic Level 8 dungeons until only four semifinalists remain.

The tournament will come to an exciting conclusion in Phase 3, during which both the semifinals and grand finals will be best-of-three contests on Mythic Level 10 dungeons! These matches will be broadcasted live, so you can follow the action from home.

Tournament Schedule

  • Registrations Close
    November 6
  • Phase 1: Preliminary Rounds
    November 8-10, November 12-14, & November 16-18
  • Phase 2: Playoffs
    November 19-20, November 26-27 (if needed)
  • Phase 3: Semifinals & Grand Finals
    December 4


$20,000 in scholarship prizing is ready to be claimed by the strongest collegiate Dungeon Race teams at our Grand Finals in December. Here’s the breakdown of the prize pool per team:

  • First Place: $2,000 per Player
  • Second Place: $1,000 per Player
  • Third & Fourth Place: $500 per Player

We’re excited to kick off a new era of World of Warcraft competition, and can’t wait to see students from across North America banding together against the Legion!

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