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Legion Marathon tips

by - 2 years ago

With the release of Legion taking place tonight we put together a list of some important items to remember during the marathon grind to level 110:

  • Take breaks
    • Everyone has their own objectives they want to accomplish, whether it’s the first person on their realm to hit 110, or the first one to max out their First Aid skill, find the first legendary, etc. While it’s exciting to be able to do this, remember to stand up and stretch (for more than just quick trips to the bathroom.) Focus on stretching your hands as a part of this. They’re going to take a beating during your session and you want to keep them in good shape.
  • Stay hydrated
    • Sure, you bought that 24 can flat of Monster/Rockstar/Red Bull. They’re useful for energy but your body still needs water to process and flush all the extra stuff that comes with those energy drinks. DRINK WATER.
  • Eat
    • When I say eat, I mean eat real food. A junk food kick is fun but, like with the energy drinks, your body needs stuff that junk food doesn’t provide. Spend some time before your epic gaming session preparing a meal or two in advance that you can grab in a hurry to get some solid sustenance.
  • Sleep
    • You may be thinking this defeats the purpose of the epic gaming marathon. It does and it doesn’t. Sleep is the best way of getting energy back into your body and allowing it to reset itself so you can keep on going. A quick nap here or there (even as short as 20 minutes) can keep you going for another few hours. Plus it gives your character a chance to get even a little bit of rested experience which can shorten the grind by the length of a few quests over the course of leveling.
  • Be social
    • Talk to people (and I don’t mean NPC’s). Talk to guild mates, friends, family, people on Twitter, whoever else you choose to talk to. Leveling up takes a long time and your brain eventually gets tired of doing nothing but the same repetitive “read quest, kill stuff, turn in quest” actions. Keep your brain engaged while you’re leveling. Plus you can help each other out with tips on how to find certain items or quest areas to make the process go faster.
  • Pace yourself
    • Tonight is the first night of a new expansion. Dungeons are open but raids and the PvP season don’t open for three weeks. I understand it’s important to be prepared but we’ve got a long time to explore the Broken Isles and we don’t want to get burned out on new content too quickly.

Let us know some of your tips down in the comments!

In the end: You do you. Play the way you want, level the way you want. Just make sure to remember the most important part of all of this: Enjoy yourself!

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Timothy Prine