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Farming Legion Invasions for XP

by - 2 years ago

The Legion is upon us and it’s time to rally the troops—in the form of alts! Farming invasions is the quickest way to catch up if you’ve recently returned to Azeroth, be it from Draenor or a more Earth-based hiatus. Invasions provide a great amount of XP, in addition to item level 700-720 gear (when opened at max level) from loot boxes—or purchased from the reluctant vendor with the invasion-specific currency, Nethershards. These boxes can be held onto until you hit 100 regardless of what level you were when obtained.

Levels 1-60:

The best, albeit tedious, method is cycling the first two phases of an invasion site. For Horde, the best spot is Azshara since you can quickly run into Orgrimmar and reset the phases. Alliance side, your best bet is Dun Morogh, where you can pop into the Inn and quickly log out. Phase three requires more mobility to get to elites that grant significant experience, if you have a higher-level friend to tote you around, go for it!

Levels 60-70:

Yay! You can fly now and get to many of the big baddies in Phase Three, but your slow, 150% speed may only get you to half of the elites before they die. You can keep farming the first two phases, try and grab pairs that are close together, or tag every other elite ’til you hit 70.

Levels 70-100:

First stop should be to grab 280% flight (310% if you’re feeling spendy) for 5000 gold, discounted by reputation with the city you train in. From here it’s pretty smooth sailing. You can stick to one spot and farm out Phases 1-3 or, as of the 23rd of August, hit up all six invasion sites every two hours and reap the benefits of both loot boxes. The following maps show the typical kill order for the big elites in Phase Three, you’ll see a large number of folks flying to each site, so hurry and get your tag in for some sweet, sweet XP. Happy farming!

Optional Boosts*

*Costs and mileage may vary >_>




Northern Barrens:Northern Barrens



Dun Morogh:Dun Morogh


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