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Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan

by - 4 years ago

Livestreamer Slootbag had a small interview with Ion Hazikostas regarding a steady stream of content after Legion is released. Ion mentioned that each raid tier should last roughly 4 to 5 months and that they want to ensure they are focused on continuously putting out content in this expansion.

With that said, he was able to announce the first major patch after Legion releases. Patch 7.1 will be titled Return to Karazhan and it will hit the PTR shortly after Legion releases.

Karazhan will be a 5 man dungeon with all 9 bosses. The old Karazhan raid will still exist in it’s current form. The patch will also include a small raid between Nightmare and Nighthold that will wrap up the Stormheim storyline. There will also be new Suramar quests and additional world content.

Hazikostas finished the interview by saying not to worry that they are front loading content (much like what they did with Warlords) and they have a plan to ensure content in this expansion will be a steady stream this time.

Is anyone else excited to return to Karazhan?

JR Cook

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