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Making the most of the Demon Hunter starting zone

by - 2 years ago

Okay, so you’ve toiled away on the character creation screen long enough and you’re ready to stand beside Illidan against the Legion. As soon as you gain control of your character for the first time you are thrust onto Mardum, located in the Twisting Nether, ready to take down the Legion. First, arm yourself with a little knowledge—it is power after all!

Most of the treasures contain Legion Healthstone or Fel Crystal Fragments, but two very important chests marked below: 

The southern treasure contains a reusable mini-flask, Inquisitor’s Menacing Eye an alternate version of Oralius’ Whispering Crystal which requires a bit more time and effort from a Draenor Garrison Inn. The eastern one contains Vile Stalkerskin Pouch a 28-slot bag, saving yourself a thousand gold on the Auction House.

If you happen to have HandyNotes along with HandyNotes Draenor Treasures then you’re all set. Eventually you’ll need Legion Treasures so why not grab it now while you’re at it. This add-on will mark your map with the treasure as seen above.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and dirty guide, feel free to leave comments below!

Samantha Cruse